Womb positive?

Are you womb positive?

Welcome to 2018! Under the influence of New Year energy and a full moon I  thought we would begin the year by drawing 3 Creation Fertility guidance cards to  gently guide us into a positive mindset and remain  throughout the year WOMB POSITIVE.

Creation Fertility Guidance Cards No4

Card 1 –   Use Shakti energy to remain womb positive 

Last year I wrote a blog focusing on  the sacral centre, and explained its relevance to the womb.  Today I introduce you to Shakti energy  and show you  how to connect  to your  sacred womb  centre within the sacral chakra  using Shakti’s warm loving energy to regain trust in your reproductive ability and remain womb positive.

So what is Shakti?  Shakti is the Hindu term for the Feminine Principle of Life Force; the Mother of Form.  Creation Fertility artist, Sam Foreman, has  interpreted her energy in the illustration as  warm, sexy and loving!  Shakti energy is an energetic awareness of love. Shakti becomes everything – she is the accepting, non judgmental, pure, perfect mother, lover and partner.  The true essence of Shakti balances both the dark and the light which flows within us all (i.e. our positive state and our negative state).

So, Shakti energy  invites you to dive deep, connect with the essence of pure love, re-balance and follow your dream.  Let her pour nurturing, creative water onto your dreams helping them fertilise.  Through connecting with her divine energy gently let go of  underlying negativity and believe in the unbelievable. It is time to initiate change and love your womb.

Card 2.  Remain womb positive using crystals

The second card pulled from the Creation Fertility guidance card  guides us to consider crystal therapy.  The carnelian crystal is associated with Shaki energy and is the stone of warmth and reproduction.   Crystals have been used for thousands of years for their self-healing and health giving properties. The crystal carnelian connects with mind-body alchemy and  has a wonderful strong physical red/orange colour.  It is believed to stimulate energy, vitality, regenerating cells, blood, tissue and warmth.  Red is the colour of empowerment, action, expansion whilst orange helps to balance the emotional body and self forgiveness. The carnelian crystal is considered motivating , bringing joy, happiness and blessings, just like Shakti energy.   It is believed to boost fertility and conception,  used to stimulate and balance the reproductive systems – uterus, womb, fallopian tubes, cervix, vagina and helps women value their life making ability. Shakti energy absorbs all these attributes helping you remain womb positive so I recommend you wear this beautiful wrist mala

Card 3.  Take time to relax, meditate and remain womb positive

Spend some time mindfully visualising a healthy womb centre or, if you prefer, meditate daily – if only for 5 minutes. This  card guides you to  remember to  importance for  daily relaxation.  It suggests you take time to connect with your womb daily.  Many women tell me how dis-connected they feel from their womb centres, especially when their fertility has been challenging or they have suffered miscarriages.  So, this year,  make a decision to take time to turn off social media for a short while on a daily basis and make time for silence.  This provides time to make friends with  Shakti energy, return to your ‘sacral centre’ and breathe positivity  once more into your womb.

Before meditation: Shut the door, draw the curtains, turn your phone and lap top off. Take time to make a sacred space, womb like, safe and contained. Light a candle.  If you like rub some womb cream into your sacral centre or anoint yourself with creation essence or another aromatherapy oil of your choice.  Breathe in the beautiful aromatic essence as you gently begin to relax, bringing awareness to the present.  Lie down and get comfy. You may wish to place something under your head and knees. Cover your body with a warm comforting blanket. When you have snuggled down place you hands over your womb centre. This picture is slightly incorrect, your hands should be placed in the “yoni” position (an upside down triangle as demonstrated)  over the sacral womb centre, that’s under your belly button with the fingers towards your pubic bone. This represents your womb.  

Meditation: Once you are feel calm and relaxed begin to focus on your breath.  Begin to gain awareness of your inhalation and the longer, slower exhalation.

Breathe in love, and exhale a slow long feeling of gratitude. As you bring yourself into this calm meditative state become the observer of your thoughts, rather than letting your day filter into this state of harmony.  Just let the breath flow through and out of you. Focus on your womb centre. Feel how it expands with love. Become aware of the immense gratitude you have for your womb, your partner and yourself. Send out love to your monthly cycle, for the possibility of  a conception and feel it returning back to you. Visualise love flowing through you and sense it happening effortlessly.

Stay in this position for as long as comfortable.  When we take time out in silence every day we block out the negative voice in our heads and reconnect to the peace and stillness of our hearts that is  pure Shakti energy.  As you start to come around take a deep and long stretch.  Breathe in deeply and exhale completely.  Adjust to the room once more and sit up when you are ready.  I recommend a drink of herbal tea or water to help you ground yourself before returning to the day

3 additional ways to remain  womb positive

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Remain womb positive using The Creation Fertility Womb Toolkit –  show cased at the London Fertility Show, November 2016  but designed in clinic  our clients love it.   Best of all we have had some great results!

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Ingredients: TTC Fem but we have added an additional 2 ingredients:

Primula veris (cowslip) is an excellent remedy to support the immune system and offers a toxin “clean up”. Emotionally it helps to reharmonise the body and traditionally is used in cosmetics to regenerate and soften the skin.  Spiritually it is considered an essence of life.

Pareira symbolises the start of  new cycle.  Working in synergy with Alchemilla in the original TTC formula pareira helps to end a chapter and begin another.  It supports emotional tension which impacts on the uro genital area, opens the heart, encourages cellular renewal and releases both conscious and unconscious blockages that may be impacting on your reproductive health.

TTCFem womb cream is based in a paraben free cream with neem, damask rose, lavender, vitamin E, rosemary extract, avocado, jojoba and sunflower oil.

Creation Essence for the Yoni - Creation FertilityDirections: Simply scoop a 5 pence piece size of TTC spagyric womb cream into the palm of your hand. Add 2 drops of creation essence (before ovulation) or 1 drop (post ovulation) and massage over your womb area daily.  The texture of the cream is beautiful and can be used for abdominal massage and much more!  In addition follow the creation fertility guidance cards to complete a  Shakti infused fertility programme.


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