What Do You Want From Your Baby?

What Do You Want From Your Baby?

As you may  has guessed I have an interest in your  fertility health and helping you  realize a positive Pregnancy and baby  Why?  Well I am a mother and understand the “tick tock” of our hormones which say “procreate procreate procreate NOW”   but I am also passionate about Preparing For Pregnancy so that your  future child has the best possible chance of health not only when its born but for its whole life!  I do this through preparing for pregnancy care – ensuring your physical body is at the best that it can be before conception – whether that is natural or assisted.

As a Registered Naturopath and Fertility Expert at www.creationfertility.com  I understand that there is more to fertility and pregnancy than just eggs and sperm health – so much more – including the love between two people, physical compatibility, our desire to procreate, genetics, immunity, age, previous and present health, mental and emotional well being, environmental influence and of course the moon’s influence on hormones.  Surely this is enough to make the easiest conception challenging never mind many of my clients who are struggling to conceive their much wanted baby?  Well, it would appear that some of the human race are wanting even more.  We now want to not only choose the sex of our baby but it’s ability to be “successful”.

I appreciate and understand that if you have been blessed with  2 children of the same sex it is likely that the 3rd may well be the same sex as the others.  I appreciate that you may be hankering after the other “sex”.  I am interested in the Jonas Method which may help you some way towards this  (more about this can be found in my article Full Moon and Fertility)   but recently Dr Zeenobiyah McGowen  wrote an article about choosing a conception time for conceiving athletes! I will let you read the article below and make your own conclusions  – in the meantime I am here to help you on your  FERTILITY and Trying To Conceive  journey. Perhaps you would like to download my free guide book 10 Simple Steps to Fertility

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What’s the Best Month for Conceiving an Athlete?

What Do You Want From Your Baby
What Do You Want From Your Baby

This article is written by Dr Zeenobiyah McGowan Ph.D., from OvulationCalendar.com. She is an editor and a proud mother of one beautiful daughter. Dr Zeenobiyah McGowan founded Impact Humanity, a charity which helps under privileged children get the basic necessities like food and education in Kenya.

Everyone has high hopes for their child – and sometimes those hopes begin long before the child is even conceived. We want our children to be scholars, artists or famous athletes, but is there anything we can do to improve their chances of success?

If you want to give birth to the next Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth or Jackie Joyner-Kersee, you may want to plan your month of conception carefully. Or not. There is no proof that conceiving a child in a specific month will increase his or her chances of becoming an athlete, but we do know that many of the best athletes to have ever walked this earth were born in the same month or in the same season. The ultimate decision of when to conceive will be yours based on what you believe.

The figures and conclusions you are about to read are drawn from the birth dates of the athletes listed on ESPN’s Top 100 North American Athletes of the Century list.

Overall best month to conceive an athlete

Most of the top 100 athletes were born in August, which means that their parents likely conceived in November or early December. To be exact, fourteen out of 100 athletes were born in the month of August. However, 29 percent of the athletes on this list were born in winter months (January through March), which means that their parents conceived in spring months (April through June).

Athletes Born in August

14% of top 100

Conceived: November or 1st week in December

Best month to conceive the best athletes. When we begin dissecting the data further, things get even more interesting. Although most of the athletes on the top 100 list were born in August, less than half of those athletes made the top 50, meaning that the August births were heavily weighted towards the bottom of the list. In fact, only three of the top 25 athletes were born in August and none of the top 10 would have celebrated their birthday in this summer month.

So, when were the absolute best athletes born? That would be in the month of February. Sixteen percent of the top 50 athletes were born in this month, and February births account for 20 percent of the top 25 athletes. If you are planning to try to conceive a child that will be born in February, you will need to conceive in May or the first week in June.

Athletes Born in February

16% of top 50, 20% of top 25, Conceived: May or 1st week in June

Deciding when to conceive. Your decision to conceive in any given month is a very personal one and it is likely influenced by a variety of factors. Of course, no one can guarantee that you will give birth to a great athlete (or poet, or scholar) regardless of when you conceive. Actually, no one can guarantee that you will conceive in any given month of trying, so if you are going to limit yourself to trying to conceive only in certain months of the year, understand that this may drastically delay things.