How to Use Spagyric Energy Essences

How To Use Spagyric Essences

Christmas Special - Spagyric Essence to Open Doors
Spagyric Essence to Open Doors

Spagyric Energy Essences are an evolutionary and alchemical blend of natural medicine which incorporate homeopathy  (also known as bio-regulatory medicine), herbal therapy, TCM, flower essences and aromatherapy.  This particular form of Spagyric’s are produced by a company called Phylak based in Switzerland where they are distilled and blended to offer emotional, physical and spiritual vibrational Energy Remedies.  One of their many benefits is that they are safe to use throughout  hormonal health imbalances including  fertility,  assisted conception, pregnancy and birthing journeys because there are no contra-indications.  Personally, I am particularly fond of them because they work on the emotional, physical and spiritual aspect – not all aspects of  ill health are connected with the physical.  Often you become ill due to an emotional or meta-physical reason – such as being run down, hurt, angry, feel betrayed etc, past trauma, unresolved conflict with self or others or due to a fear whether it is conscious or unconscious.

So how can you use them?  In many formats.  I tend to work with them on a personalized basis for you – based on your birth date or asking you to choose remedies intuitively using a testing kit or through the use of my Creation Fertility Guidance Cards and also Creation Fertility Birthing Kits  More about these later!

Here are some suggestions:

“Open Sesame – A  personalised Energy Remedy.  This Spagyric energy essence has been developed to help you open the doors that have been closed (maybe consciously or unconsciously) and help you reach your potential.  Have you ever wondered why however hard you try some things whether emotional, financial or physical do not materialise for you?

Through blending additional energy essences based on your birth date with the Spagyric Energy Essence this 40 day remedy is personally programmed to work with your unconscious mind and Open the Doors That Have Been Closed to You.  

All I  need from you is your birth date, address and name  and notification of what form you want the remedy – i.e. cream, liquid or vaporiser plus payment.  In return you will receive a wonderful personalised 40 day remedy with full instructions as to how to take it.

If you are would like a summary of the personalised energy essence properties and  the vibrational benefits please add an additional £10 to your order. 


Immune Health  Each year the immune regulating Spagyric remedies are adapted to suit the present viral and bacteria related health issues.  I have found Spagyric remedies to offer perfect immune boosting remedies  to help protect you  and all the family during the winter months.  At the present time the  remedy is called PS117.1 and it has 3 additional ingredients – Vinca,  Rhus Tox and Juniperus.

  • Rhus- Tox – a great anti-inflammatory remedy for skin, mucous membranes and acute rheumatic or joint pains.  It is a great support for ear, nose and throat issues.
  • Juniperus  is an anti-infections essence, particularly helpful for chest and lung infections and the respiratory tract. It also supports the lymphatic system, the all important liver and digestive organs.
  • Vinca – the Lesser Periwinkle.  The word Vinca comes from the Latin Vincere and means to overcome, to vanquish! Its two principle points of impact are the dysfunction of the immune system  and autoimmune infections.
  • Spagyric remedies can be used in a variety of ways  – taking them in water like a tincture – spraying them around you and also transdermally  this can be in bath water or in a cream.

Health Talks Join me at one of my Nutrition Natters.   On the 22nd April “Let’s Talk Fertility” explains not only how nutrition impacts on your fertility health but how to use Spagyric remedies to support your fertility health and also how to use my exclusive Tuaret  Fertility Oracle Cards.  My Pregnancy Talk on June 17th will also explain how to use Birthing Kits and post birth to support labour trauma and recovery.  The  talk on September 23rd  offers additional hormonal regulation support using Spagyric Remedies.


Energy Workshops  Join me on Monday January 12th 10 am – 3pm in Hampton Hill for a  Clearing Your Energy Workshop.  This includes the use of Spagyric Energy Clearing Sprays!


Tuaret Fertility Oracle Cards  – Use them alongside the wonderful Tuaret Fertility Oracle Cards to support your fertility journey  – wonderful as a stand alone therapy or combine with Reiki, Meditation, Coaching, Fertility Nutrition and Reflexology


Personalised Birthing Kit or New Born Baby Kits – made to order, helping you to prepare mentally and physically for the birth of your baby, during the birth itself and post natally to support recovery for both you and your baby  !

 Spagyric Energy Remedy Costs includes P&P:

Liquid (50 ml) £ 25.00 –  liquid essence  – dilute in small amount of water

Cream Base: (50ml)  £25.00 –  massage into the body

Vaporiser: (100ml) £33.00 spray around your aura.

 Telephone Justine Evans ND on 07747 133170 for more information  or   Email me contact@ to place your order or talk to me.

Christmas Special - Spagyric Essence to Open Doors
Spagyric Essence to Open Doors