Trying to conceive?

Conception Guidance CardAre you trying to conceive?  My previous blogs have focused on ovulation awareness and fertility nutrition but this week we consider more nurturing therapies to help you fullfil your parenting dream.

The Conception card within the Creation Fertility Toolkit indicates that the seeds are being sown for a positive conception.  The emotional quality represented by this card is deep – indicating the time is ripe and offers gratitude and love during this time.

So how can you nurture when you are trying to conceive?

There are a number of ways.  As explained in my previous blogs  fertility nutrition, ovulation timing and understanding ovulation are all essential when you are trying to conceive but why not personalise your fertility toolkit using  nurturing therapies specifically adapted to suit you? Here are my favourite to promote baby-making.  They help you mindfully identify with your cycle and reproductives plus connect with Eastern  philosophy  to “call your baby” . On a physical level these treatments increase blood flow to your pelvis, stimulate hormone-producing glands, release muscle tension and stress whilst supporting hormonal balance.

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Massage with Creation EssenceReflexology and abdominal massage:

I have supported many women and couples to help them achieve  parenthood  – some just need to prepare for pregnancy whilst others have specific health problems such as PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids or chocolate cysts. Bespoke  Signature treatments are fantastic support for all fertility journeys including assisted conception procedures.  Ideally courses of treatments are advised  (only £350 for a course of 6) to support you throughout each week of your cycle.

Reflexology with Creation Essence Personal clinical experience  indicates that providing no identified issues have been diagnosed reflexology and abdominal massage once or twice per month is enough to help stimulate ovulation and conception for some couples.  How?  Treatments in the first half of the  cycle and over ovulation improve circulation to the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes!  Reflexology works on the principle that the whole body and organs are represented in the feet so it not only helps relax the mind and body but also supports hormonal balance.  Using womb massage tight muscles and tension can be released, circulation improved and the uterus re-aligned. By working  mindfully, in silence,  and using breath work during the treatment it is possible to mindfully connect with the reproductive and womb area sending love and positive intention.

Fertility Meditation Meditation and visualisation

Meditation and visualisation helps you create the perfect environment,  maintain focus and quieten the mind. It has been shown to reduce prolactin levels (a stress hormone which reduces your ability to conceive), encourage positive thought, healthy sleep patterns and oxygenate the whole body which not only reduces cortisol (inflammation and a stress hormone) but also cleanses the body, prepares the body for pregnancy  and encourages hormone balance.  From a more esoteric level meditation also helps connect with your inner being, your core and  “call your baby”.  There are many forms of meditation – mindful, breathwork, a period of silence, led visualisation, mantra or positive affirmation but whichever form you choose  meditation supports you when you are trying to conceive.

Here is a simple visualisation and three easy  led audio meditations to introduce you to calmness.  The first is a 17 minute breathing and grounding meditation, the second (15 minutes) a visualisation to help open the heart centre for new beginnings and finally a 13 minute led meditation focusing on womb breathing and connecting with your womb centre.

So to begin – sit or lie quietly  in a place where you feel comfortable and will not be disturbed.  You may wish to place your hands on your lower abdomen – the sacral centre, also known as the yoni, this is the area between your pelvic bone and naval.  Trying To Conceive

Simple Visualisation:  Place your hands on your sacral area as demonstrated. Now inhale deeply, pushing this oxygenating breath down into the reproductive area, the uterus, womb and fallopian tubes.  As you inhale, notice how the breath as if by magic becomes the colour of carnelian – a deep orange – bringing warmth and vibrancy to the area.  As you exhale – imagine that you are releasing stagnant energy.  Take another deep breath into your belly and repeat the process.


Breathing and grounding meditation

Heart Opening

Womb breathing

Additional meditations and visualisations can be found within my blogs including chanting and fertility and  Om Namah Shiva – 2 week wait chant

Trying to conceiveFertility Yoga

Over the next few weeks my blogs will include fertility boosting yoga postures to support   conception  from Muriel Mueller  of MuMuYoga. This week Muriel offers legs up the wall and feet together up the wall to support implantation.  This pose helps to release stress locked in the lower back, and, when practiced right after sex, it encourages the sperm to penetrate deeper into the female reproductive organs.  Muriel recommends you place a folded towel underneath your tailbone  for comfort.  Remember your tailbone should tilt toward the ceiling so that the pubic bone is pointing upward. Your shoulders, arms, and head should be resting on the floor (as shown). Once you are in the correct pelvic position, allow the legs to relax by bending the knees allowing the abdominal and pelvic floor to relax completely.  You can stay in this position for at least 20 minutes.

Creation Fertility ToolkitCreation Fertility Toolkit

The Creation Fertility Toolkit  supports the fertility journey  on an emotional physical and energetic level.  Easy to use it includes affirmation and visualisations and complements fertility nutrition, meditation, reflexology and yoga beautifully. Each toolkit connects with nature and helps you to become baby-ready. By drawing a guidance card weekly or daily you will be follow a fertility diet, learn to meditate, support your emotions whilst remaining focussed and calm.    Within the Creation Fertility Toolkit  you receive a pack of  Creation Fertility inspirational guidance cards (42 cards), a bottle of Creation Essence,  a pair of Shiva Lingam sacred stones, a Mookaite  tumble stone and a  Creation Wrist Mala.


Justine Evans Founder of Creation FertilityJustine Evans ND, BSc N Med – Fertility Expert & Hormone Alchemist is the Founder of Creation Fertility and its products.  Justine offers a multi dimensional approach to  fertility blending Nutritional Therapy with alchemy and yogic philosophy.

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Baby Creating Programmes: - Suitable for Natural and Assisted Conception Procedures

ProgrammeWhat’s Included Cost
Trying to Conceive "TTC" Personalised Naturopathic TTC programme including Health Screening (1.5 hours)
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TTC – Calling Baby6 x TTC Signature 1.15 hour Complementary Therapy Treatments £350
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