My signature therapies are adapted to suit you on an individual basis.  Whilst each can be used as a stand alone treatment I  find they are ideal  alongside Fertility Nutrition, and  Creating The Perfect Environment Programmes.   Signature treatments are a blend of my therapies

Reflexology TherapyFertility or Pregnancy Reflexology – Reflexology  can be used to help prepare the body for pregnancy, support detoxification post failed assisted conception procedure or miscarriage and support you during pregnancy and also the birth of your baby.  It is also an excellent therapy post baby to help regulate hormonal balance.




Massage TherapyMassage –  may include the use of Far Infared Therapy  when appropriate, sacral abdominal massage to support conception, Manual Lymphatic Drainage for support detoxification, Thai Foot,  No Hands Massage or any one of my massage therapy techniques.





creationfertility.comReiki  – a deeply comforting and calming energy therapy which helps many people to relax and connect with their unborn baby. For more information read  More on Reiki





Meditation TherapyMeditation – all my treatments include an element of meditation or visualisation.  Trained as a meditation teacher I  am able to support you with a personalised meditation during your therapy treatment or  I can show you how to meditate via personal 1-2-1 classes or attendance at any one of my  Workshops




Creation Fertility ToolkitCreation Fertility Products – all of my therapy treatments  include Creation Fertility Essence,  the use of Creation Fertility Guidance Cards,  their meditations, crystals and possible chants using the Creation Fertility Mala

It is possible to buy courses of treatments (pay for 5 but receive a course of 6 treatments) or pay for them individually.   Prices start from £60 and signature treatments are £70.

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