Summer E Newsletter

Welcome to the Summer @!  My approach to  health  blends Western Science with Eastern Philosophy and  I consider  21st century living , physical health and emotions before devising a fertility or pregnancy programme – seeing  my clients as a “whole” and working with nature.  Whilst I  prefer to meet clients face to face this is not always practical so I am offering  Skype consultations for naturopathy/nutrition,  fertility coaching and  1-2-1 meditation support.   News on updated  health screening equipment  – the new model screens faster without a probe and includes energetic imprinting  using a laser.  This in house tool helps me to recognise nutrient  deficiencies, food sensitivities, stress related issues, gut, organ and  hormone imbalances  and helps to assess when additional or more complex blood serum or stool analysis testing  should be considered.   I am  very excited to tell you about my consulting service –  I am offering  my attendance at your  hospital appointments  – conversing with the doctors for your own well being and ensuring that you understand what is being discussed – really helpful for  those of you with chronic health issues or partaking on a difficult fertility journey.  Another popular addition to my services is labour reflexology and energetic birthing remedies  – I offer reflexology during labour, staying with you as long as you need me (including within the hospital). This is becoming increasingly popular and seems very beneficial for you emotionally and physically including labour pain and childbirth.  Heart meditation within newsletter and much more. More Summer news here!Summer2014e-newsletter