Starry silence meditation

Starry silence meditation

This  new moon when I drew the fertility inspiration cards I pulled only 1 card. Why? As the lock down withdraws step-by-step I  knew that I wanted to focus on  building lunar energy  into your life and invite you to my 3 day summer cleanse to support your nutritional wellbeing. Cleansing  the body and  enjoying the power of lunar/moon energy  is a wonderful approach to all fertility journey’s!  However, I also want to help you maintain this feeling of peace and inner calm that some of you have established over the past weeks. So – before I pulled the card I  simply  set the intention to connect with this energy.  I was delighted when I pulled


starry silence


Starry silence meditation with Justine Evans – fertility expert.

Here is my new moon video guidance for the month with a live imagery meditation.  If you have time to watch it then please do as it covers my approach for this month too.

This month's new moon guidance focuses on the sky. We begin with a starry silence meditation to enjoy peace and inner calm to help re-balance hormones whilst connecting with nature. Throughout the month I will be posting on lunar energy and how it affects us both emotionally, physically (specifically hormone related and energetically). We can use the lunar cycle to our advantage and I am looking forward to sharing this with you. Finally – I am inviting you to nourish your hormones by joining a FREE 3 day juice cleanse with me. We begin June 26th! Don't forget to register (email or DM me) to gain access to my summer cleanse closed FB group.

Posted by Creation-Healing on Monday, 25 May 2020

Starry silence meditation with Creation Fertility

If my video is not for you them I suggest you download this audio version of the meditation.  Wait until you  have time and space to enjoy a period of quiet and take time to settle before you  begin the meditation.   The whole meditation lasts about 16 minutes although you may wish to enjoy some reflective practice of  enjoy time for journaling after.    By the way this is a great meditation to do outside (weather permitting) so collect a blanket and a pillow and head off to your garden or some beautiful outside space if possible!

  • calm your nervous system
  • re balance your hormones
  • connect with lunar energy; the night sky and a beam of star energy
  • find deep peace and inner calm
  • listen to it regularly throughout this lunar cycle
  • you can buy the mala bracelet here 
  • or buy the complete Creation Fertility Toolkit


Justine Evans ND – hormone alchemist and fertility expert

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Justine Evans ND – Natural fertility expert & hormone alchemist.  Justine  is a registered naturopath, nutritional therapist, body worker and healer.  She integrates functional medicine with eastern philosophy to provide a multi dimensional approach to your fertility well being. Contact Justine on 07747 133170 for an online consultation now.

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