Special Offer over Rugby World Cup!

Special Offer over Rugby World Cup

12th September – 31st October 2015

Autumn heralds a shift in energy as the year turns through its cycle once more. Whilst some may be energized by The Rugby World Cup others connect with the tradition of Autumn – release, cleanse and boost immunity.  If you are Preparing for Pregnancy or recovering from a failed assisted conception procedure the Autumn season really supports releasing emotions and cleansing the body using Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage. This form of specialised massage intensified with the use of far infrared therapy and Creation Fertility products will ensure that you are restored ready for the Autumn Season and whatever the rest of 2015 has in store for you.

6 x  70 minute Signature Treatments 

Each of these amazing signature treatments begins with a stimulating skin brush. You then enjoy a detoxifying castor oil liver pack with 20 minutes of Cocoon Far Infrared Therapy to help warm the lymph and start the detoxification process. Each treatment is  completed with 30 minutes of manual lymphatic drainage massage.  More information on manual lymphatic drainage can be found here MLD Explanation

Only £250.00 for the complete course

(RRP £475 per course).

 To receive the best from this Special Offer over the Rugby World Cup I recommend weekly or twice weekly sessions over a period of up to 6 consecutive weeks.   Treatments are available Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday &  some Saturdays.   These treatments are limited to a maximum of 20 clients only!

 You are invited to direct and intensify the programme by adding any one of the following at an additional cost of only £65.00.  

1.    Prepare for Fertility Prepare for Fertility

 Spagyric* remedy + Creation Fertility Guidance Kit    (RRP £86.00)


Cleanse Special Offer 20152.    Cleanse

Ultracleaning powdered drink supplement for  (14 days) + Spagyric Essences  (RRP £72.95)


Immune Blast using Spagyric Essence3.    Immune Blast

Immune Blast Spagyric remedy PLUS  2 x Immune boosting supplements  (4 weeks) (RRP £70.00)

Helping you to cleanse, prepare and boost immunity!  ** You will be requested to complete a health questionnaire.  *Spagric remedies connect with the emotional, physical and mental body and each remedy will last approximately  4-6 weeks.  Spagyric remedies have no contraindications.

Phone Justine Evans ND now on 07747 133170 to book your programme!

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