Seed Rotating for fertility

Seed rotating is a popular and simple way to support your fertility and other hormonal imbalances such as PMS and peri menopause.   Yes, some of you lovelies on your fertility journey are also peri-menopausal. 

It is easy to follow and great for any woman  who struggles with oestrogen dominance or low oestrogen.  You can  boost  oestrogen levels in the first part of your cycle (the follicular phase) and/or progesterone levels in the second part (the luteal phase) simply by seed rotating.


Seed rotating for symptoms of oestrogen and progesterone imbalances

  • Symptoms of high oestrogen(or estrogen metabolites) can be the cause of  terrible PMS (bloating, moods, pain, energy, headaches), PCOS, tender, fibrocystic, painful or lumpy breasts, mood swings, hair loss, weight gain, fibroids, endometriosis, breast and ovarian cysts, and even breast and ovarian cancer, irregular periods or heavy flows, thyroid nodules, low thyroid, hair loss and brittle hair, weight gain around the hip and thighs, water retention and cellulite
  • Low progesterone symptoms can be similar to the above, along with sub or  infertility, inability for your fertilised egg to stick to the uterine wall,  recurrent miscarriages, feeling anxious, not being able to fall or stay asleep, mid-cycle spotting and menstrual headaches.

So now you know a little more about seed rotating this I thought I would share one of favourite recipes with you.  It’s nut bread.  Versatile, tasty, easy to bake and fabulous for hormone balance, providing a heavy protein packed alternative to bread & can be easily adapted to be vegan.

As we know, seeds, eggs and nuts are  all fertility superfoods which makes this nut bread even more of a winner.  Not to mention  the ease of making this simple recipe.  Simply change the nuts/seeds as your cupboard or menstrual cycles  dictates –  use coconut or maybe opt for adding a handful of  dried apricots if you fancy a sweeter  taste.   Try  experimenting with cinnamon, tahini,   maca root, grated apple, ginger or turmeric if you are feeling adventurous.

Seed rotating with this recipe

And the seeds? Well, simple, just change them to suit your “cycle”   Flaxseed/linseeds and pumpkin seeds in the first half of your cycle – then sesame seeds (I am thinking Tahini but use plain sesame seeds if you prefer) and sunflower seeds post ovulation until your bleed.  However you make it  I can promise you it will be  super filling and  will stop those blood sugar dives.   By the way if you can’t tolerate nuts then don’t worry – just use 600 grams of seeds!   Oh, and if your partner needs some sperm health support this is a winner!

Nut Bread

300 grams  shelled nuts – they can be whole or broken into pieces  (I tend to use  a combo of cashews,  walnuts, hazelnuts,  almonds, brazils, macadamia,  tiger nuts, pecans or coconut)

300 grams  of linseeds/flaxseeds  seeds combined with either pumpkin  or sunflower  seeds and a handful of chia  if you are doing “seed cycling” otherwise bung them all in together

1 dessertspoon oil

1 teaspoon salt

4- 5 eggs (if you are wanting a vegan recipe there are many alternatives to eggs –  chia seeds  are amazing, bananas, avocados.  See below for some ideas. I tend to use 4 eggs and replace 1 egg with chia seeds).

Simply mix  everything  together.  Place in a grease proofed loaf tin and bake for about an hour 150ºc for a fan assisted oven, otherwise between 160-180ºc for an hour.  Yummy with some avocado, watercress and a mackerel fillet or  top with a poached egg  for a protein packed meal or eat with a hearty bowl of vegetable soup or one of my autumn recipes!


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Justine Evans ND, Founder of Creation FertilityJustine Evans ND is the founder of  Creation Fertility.  She is  a Registered Naturopath and  Nutritional Therapist integrating Western science with Eastern philosophy, the moon, seasons and cycles. Justine refers to herself as a Fertility Doula. Call her on 07747 133170 to book an appointment now.

Disclaimer: This article has been written as personal opinion and guidance only and should not be construed as medical advice.  I am not a medical doctor.  Please do not use this recipe if you have known nut, seed or egg allergies



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