Relax to support your fertility

Relax to support your fertility

Stay grounded, hold onto hope, be creative, and take action!

New moon SUNDAY 15th NOVEMBER 2020  05.07AM GMT

I know my #fertilityinspiration guidance is late this week – I blame lockdown2, technical website issues  and  planetary influences!.  Anyway, I am sorry but I have been feeling it this week.  This has led to  plenty of reflective practice which at last is feeling positive. I’m not going into this right now but look out for plenty of exciting changes that I have in store for you next year!


Relax to support your fertility

Creation Fertility Guidance Cards No4Pachamamma

With this Scorpio super moon there will be plenty planet activity so  it is so perfect that the cards this month gently remind us to relax and stay grounded to support fertility because 2020 continues to be a challenge.

Hold onto hope,  maintain a positive mind set  and enjoy some love making!

Learn to relax once more 

Connect with the winter season to allow time for regeneration and re-birth

Before I share my peace meditation with you to help you make the SHIFT and call in your baby you may want to know a little more about the moon and planetary energy.  I am not an astrologer so use the wonderful words from the highly talented Rebekah Shaman

“On April 4th 2020 Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn conjunct setting the scene for the year and illuminated where we were limited and restricted both in our personal lives and in the collective. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, wants us to thrive, Saturn, the planet of limitations, shows us what stands in our way, while Pluto represents transformation of consciousness.

When Pluto is conjunct with Jupiter but influenced by Saturn we get to clearly see our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual limitations, and where our power and control lies.

The global coronavirus lockdown has reflected this and enabled us to slow down and take a long hard look at the choices we were making – whether positive or negative. The second conjunction on June 30th lifted some lockdown restrictions but all the planets were in retrograde, so we remained limited. This ultimate conjunction arrived November 12th . bringing to the surface hidden regrets, guilt, anger and frustrations that have been buried deep within. Having said that thankfully Mars moved forward today allowing a SHIFT of positive movement”.

Relax and stay grounded this moon cycle:

Remember this moon can be one of the most transformational and miraculous moons of the year!

Relax  to support your fertility and focus on self forgiveness. This moon cycle reminds us to keep our hearts open and find forgiveness for ourselves & any past injustices done to you. Things might be uncomfortable but find the courage to change and enjoy the process.

Feel seductive, passionate and sexy!

Plan to spend some romantic time together and RELAX in each other’s company because this is also a good moon to try for a baby.

What would you like to seed this new moon?

Reflect on these insights before listening to my  relax and be at peace meditation (11 minutes long)

or listen to it on google drive  – Peace meditation (about 11 minutes long) 

After the visualisation I invite you to complete the new moon fertility intentions exercise


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Relax to support your fertility by listening to the 3 meditations for complete relaxation (about 1 hour in total):

Pachamama and grounding visualisation

Relax and feel at peace meditation

Finish with yoga nidra:


Justine Evans ND – refers to herself as a Hormone Alchemist and is the founder of Creation Fertility and it’s products.  She connects life with natural cycles and seasons, integrating Western science with traditional medicine and yogic philosophy. A Registered Naturopath, Nutritional therapist, Reiki Master/ Teacher, Justine connects with Goddess energy and runs a private hormone health and fertility clinic in Surrey, London and Gloucestershire. or phone 07747 133170 to arrange an online or clinic appointment