TTCMen Spagyric Remedy 100ml


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TTCMen Spagyric remedy

TTCMen spagyric to support sperm healthThe spagyric technique is something of a amalgamation of homeopathy (diluted substances), phytotherapy (herbal medicine), and modern science’s sterility. It results in the administration of a plant formula for physical healing and an understanding of the underlying causes of psycho-emotional healing. They can be used in many formats, such as in tincture for internal digestion,  vapouriser to spray around the aura and also transdermally.

They are an alchemical blend which offer support on an emotional physical and unconscious level.

This particular remedy TTCMen is bespoke to Creation Fertility and  intended to encourage  health sperm, whilst offering strength and fortitude during this period.  TTCMen has a variety of plant based ingredients including Lesser periwinkle to help  balance the immune system and protect against electro magnetic devices known to affect spermatogenesis health, immunity and hormonal balance. Cardiospermum to encourage sexuality, fertility and fertilisation. Mountain Arnica  to overcome fatigue and encourage confidence Yohimbe and quercus offering strength and acts as an aphrodisiac. Lycopodium to support the liver from stress fast food and cravings for sugar and premature ejaculation. Saw palmetto  for hormone regulation.

Dosage: Take 10 drops twice a day in water for the first 2 weeks then increase to 20 drops three times per day in water until such time as a positive pregnancy is confirmed or for up to 6 months. I recommend you take this alongside nutritional supplements.

 100ml £30 plus £2 P&P (lasts approximately 6 weeks). You can also buy it with TTCfem

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