TTCfem Spagyric Remedy 100ml



100ml Spagyric EssenceTTCfem spagyric remedy (100ml)

TTCfem is an alchemical blend of agnus castus, wild yam, St John’s wort, eyebright, yarrow, thuja, chamomile,  juniper, comfrey, lesser periwinkle,  propolis, alchemilla, primula and pareira .  This exceptional blend has received good feedback from clients.  Supporting hormonal balance we have found it very helpful post  miscarriage and failed assisted conception procedures.  When preparing for pregnancy  the remedy supports post contraceptive use and hormonal irregularities such as  PCOS and PMT.  TTCFem has the added bonus of encouraging a healthy libido and encouraging new beginnings. The remedy contains anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties whilst emotionally and metaphysically encourages you to connect with your womb energy and  Mother Earth  – calming and soothing, strengthening  soul communication between your future child and your self whilst supporting kundalini energy and chakras.

TTCfem compliments all western science in addition to the Creation Fertility Toolkit and Creation Fertility guidance cards .   Click this link for more information on moon readings and moon wisdom and how you can use TTCFem spagyric remedy alongside fertility nutrition. Here is more information on  how to use spagyric energy essence

TTCfem can be used in tincture, vaporiser spray (around aura) or transdermally. Creation Fertility offer it as a womb cream or as tincture but with a vaporiser lid.

TTCfem Spagyric remedy is bespoke to Creation Fertility and developed by Justine Evans ND.  It can be purchased with TTCmen for couple support here

Dosage: 15 drops in water 3 times per day increasing to a maximum of 20 drops in water 3 times per day.

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