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TTC EnergeticsTTCFem and TTCMen Spagyric remedies

Buy TTCFem and TTCMen spagyric remedies to support your fertility journey together. Each 100ml tincture  will last for approximately 6 weeks  (dosage  25-60 drops  per day diluted in water)

Buy together  for only £50 plus P&P.  That’s a saving of £10!

Spagyric Essences are known as  “bio-regulatory energy medicine”. They are a combination of  herbal,  homeopathic, aromatherapy and mineral therapy.  Unlike western medicine Spagyrics do not have any contra indications which means they can be used throughout the fertility journey*.  TTCFem and  TTCMen support you emotionally, physically and energetically.  They can be used in a variety of ways  – in water like a tincture (up to 60 drops per day – recommended 15 drops three times per day in water, increasing to maximum of 20 drops three times per day ) or spray around your aura or use trans dermally via bath water or in a cream.

TTCFem: Take 10 drops twice a day in water for the first 2 weeks then increase to 20 drops three times per day when trying to conceive.  Take this remedy for up to 6 months before taking a break or until such time as a positive pregnancy is confirmed. TTCfem contains a blend of agnus castus, wild yam, St John’s wort, eyebright, yarrow, thuja, chamomile,  juniper, comfrey, lesser periwinkle, propolis, Lady’s mantle, cowslip, primula, alchemilla, pareira.  This blend continues to receive positive feedback from clients and supports  hormonal balance including after miscarriage and failed assisted conception procedures, after contraceptive use, PCOS , PMT, and has the added bonus of   encouraging a healthy libido. The remedy contains  anti inflammatory and antispasmodic  properties whilst emotionally and metaphysically encouraging you to connect with the Earth Mother within – calming and soothing, strengthening  soul communication between your future child and your self whilst supporting kundalini energy to rise and chakras to open.   This remedy compliments Creation Fertility Guidance Cards , Creation Essence and Creation Fertility Toolkit.  100ml £30 plus £2 P&P

I feel different since taking TTC Fem – calmer and more positive – JS London 2015

TTCMen An alchemical blend supporting  the fertility journey on an emotional physical and unconscious level.  The remedy encourages healthy  sperm  whilst emotionally providing strength and fortitude during this period.  Take 10 drops twice a day in water for the first 2 weeks then increase to 20 drops three times per day in water until such time as a positive pregnancy is confirmed or for up to 6 months. I recommend you take this alongside nutritional supplements. This remedy has a variety of plant based ingredients including Lesser periwinkle to help  balance the immune system and protect against electro magnetic devices known to affect spermatogenesis health, immunity and hormonal balance. Cardiospermum to encourage sexuality, fertility and fertilisation. Mountain Arnica  to overcome fatigue and encourage confidence Yohimbe and quercus offering strength and acts as an aphrodisiac. Lycopodium to support the liver from stress fast food and cravings for sugar and premature ejaculation. Saw palmetto  for hormone regulation and energetically forgiveness and re on ancestors between man and woman. 100ml £30 plus £2 P&P (lasts approximately 6 weeks).

* Whilst spagyrics are safe to use alongside assisted conception procedures I would suggest that you stop when the synthetic hormones are  prescribed  to ensure the hospital can manipulate your hormones as much as they wish during the cycle. 

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