The Fertility MOT



The  Fertility MOT.

The first consultation is The Fertility MOT.  It  offers 90 minutes to ensure we have time to listen to your needs,  understand  your situation and make time for assessment. It includes a lengthy questionnaire which shall be sent to you prior to the meeting but this helps Justine to read your details before meeting you and  research your specific fertility requirements if necessary. Creation Fertility also include a follow up appointment with the fertility MOT

fertility MOTIdentify and cleanse.  Initial  90 minute consultation +  45 minute follow up appointment to prepare you for pregnancy.  

You receive: Full nutritional consultation together with  in house Asyra Health Screening  to ensure your fertility journey is bespoke and tailored to meet your needs. The in house screening includes nutrient absorption & deficiencies, food sensitivities & toxic burden such as heavy metals.

WE BUILD A PREPARE FOR PREGNANCY  programme just for you  that supports detoxification and 21stcentury stress.  You receive a recipe book, coaching and hormonal/ovulation tracking support in addition to FREE  Creation Fertility Guidance Cards however supplementation or additional laboratory tests are not included in the price.

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For more information please visit our Fertility Nutrition page.