Fertility MOT zoom consultation



Fertility MOT – zoom consultation.

fertility MOTThe Fertility MOT zoom consultation offers  hair analysis using the Asyra plus one hour’s zoom consultation. It includes a lengthy questionnaire which shall be sent to you prior to the zoom meeting which enables time for her to research your specific fertility requirements if necessary. Creation Fertility also include a follow up appointment within the fertility MOT

Fertility MOT zoom consultation- Identify and cleanse.  Initial  60 minute zoom consultation +  45 minute follow up appointment to prepare you for pregnancy.  

You receive: Full nutritional consultation together with  in house Asyra Health Screening  to ensure your fertility journey is bespoke and tailored to meet your needs. The hair analysis screening includes nutrient absorption & deficiencies, food sensitivities & toxic burden such as heavy metals.

WE BUILD A PREPARE FOR PREGNANCY  programme just for you  that supports detoxification and 22nd century stress.  You receive a recipe book, coaching and hormonal/ovulation tracking support in addition to FREE  Creation Fertility Guidance Cards however supplementation or additional laboratory tests are not included in the price.

Make a fertility MOT zoom consultation  with Justine Evans ND, Fertility Expert on 07747 133170 now!

For more information please visit our Fertility Nutrition page.

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