Creation Fertility Toolkit


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Creation Fertility ToolkitCreation Fertility Toolkit – inspirational guidance cards, visualisations and fertility crystals to support your fertility journey

The complete toolkit for only £50.00 plus  P&P

Connect with nature and become baby-ready using the Creation Fertility Toolkit.

Each Creation Fertility Toolkit  includes

42 inspirational Creation Fertility Guidance Cards to support your fertility journey  (guidance includes  fertility nutrition, meditation and lunar “moon” energy to guide you towards your dream of parenthood)

Each Creation Fertility Toolkit includes a bottle of 10ml Creation Essence (aromatherapy) specifically developed for hormonal balance and as an aid to conception.  This alchemical essence has been imprinted with healing love and includes a blend of 7 essential oils specifically to support hormonal balance.

A pair of Shiva Lingam stones,  1 x Mookaite tumble stone  to connect with nature and to help you maintain your focus

The beautiful and exclusive Creation Fertility Wrist bracelet is handmade and made from the fertility crystals moonstone; mookaite and carnelian. The mala bracelet supports the  fertility visualisations and meditations offered within the Creation Fertility guidance cards (#fertilityinspiration) and new beginnings.

Full instructions.

Please note that the Creation Fertility Toolkit is hand made, exclusive to Creation Fertility and made from natural substances.  No  two toolkits look exactly the same! Stones and crystals vary in colour and size and  may vary slightly from the photograph.  Read more about the Creation Fertility Toolkit  here or read  more about Creation Essence or Shiva lingams and how they support your fertility journey.