Cosmic Mother workshop


Cosmic Mother  workshop is a 4 day  event  over 2 weekends  facilitated by Justine Evans ND covering moonology, spiritual midwifery, traditional philosophy and meditation to support your fertility journey or for CAM practitioners as part of the wombdoula associate programme



Cosmic Mother  Workshop


Cosmic Mother  Workshop –  dates to be confirmed . 10 am – 5pm 

Open to those on their personal fertility journey or to professional CAM practitioners as part of the wombdoula associate programme


Within the Cosmic Mother workshop we cover:  

Moonology  The phases of the moon.  How it influences menstrual bleeds, conception, death and (re) birth.  I explain the Wheel of the Year  –  how it influences seasonal health and your womb ecology.  We discuss the  conceptual window; the role of the hormones and  how vaginal mucus and body temperature help identify the conceptual window,  We also discuss modern and traditional ovulation techniques – apps, OPK’s, Basal body temperature and other devices.

Traditional philosophy and  meditation  The theory of re-incarnation,  soul arrival during a pregnancy,  traditional  forms of “calling your baby”  plus visualisations and  meditation including  learning  more about the chakra system.

The Cosmic Mother Goddesses.  What is spiritual midwifery? Who are the Goddesses?  What exactly  is Shakti and the triple aspects of Maiden, Mother, Crone?  We explore  the Goddesses kundalini chants, strengths and energy and how to call them plus I introduce you to easy to use rituals to cultivate understanding.   Over the course we connect with Lord Shiva, Lakshmi,  Durga,   The Divine Mother Mary,  the Egyptian midwife Tauret; the Earth Mother herself – Gaia,   and the Celtic Triple Goddess –  Brighid.

Cosmic Mother Crystals  (rose quartz, moonstone, carnelian,  silver, shiva lingams, mookaite).  Why are how can crystals influence fertility and emotional well being.   How  can crystals be used – let’s get practical and  programme some crystals, understand how to cleanse them in the moon and make a crystal tincture and cleansing spray.

In a relaxed, intimate atmosphere; in a welcoming space within the leafy  Surrey hills please gather with me.  Let’s spend some time together, re-connect with nature and traditional medicine.

WombDoula Associate Programme for CAM Practitioners

If you are a CAM therapist with an interest in  reproductive health and Eastern philosophy you are welcome to attend these workshops.  However, I ask you to become an “associate” – see below.

Suitable for Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Acupuncturists, Reflexologists, Homeopaths, Healers/Reiki Therapists, Massage Therapists, Bodyworkers,  Personal Trainers, Pregnancy/Neonatal/Spiritual midwives/Bereavement doula’s, Yoga teachers/therapists, Midwives,  ART providers,  nurses  or anyone who has a desire to  support reproductive health issues.

The the intention of this  associate programme  is to

  • share my 21 years of clinical experience, academic knowledge  and spiritual development with you. 
  • Help develop your  professional health practice
  • Broaden and deepen your approach and understanding of reproductive health/fertility conditions
  • Provide on- going mentoring,  referral networking and business skills.

In addition to attending one or both modules to become an Associate you also need to complete a business skills module.  

  • If you would like more information about  becoming an associate  or the Earth Mother module please email me