Prepare for pregnancy with my summer cleanse

Prepare for pregnancy with my summer cleanse

Summer time offers warmth and an abundance of  fresh seasonal foods.  It is the perfect time for an energising  5 day summer cleanse which incorporates 3 full days of a juice fast  to release residual toxins (perfect post IVF) and help prepare your body for pregnancy.

Will you be joining me for this summer cleanse? 

JULY 16TH 2021 – JULY 20TH 

My 5 day  summer  juice  cleanse

begins gently for 2 whole days preparing  your body.  Don’t worry,  you will still be eating but at this stage we include a fresh smoothie  or juice daily to help your body adapt to a full summer cleanse.

When it’s time to intensify the summer cleanse we immerse ourselves into a 3  day professionally led juice-fast.    The juice fast includes 5 smoothies/juices daily so please continue to take your fertility supplements  and use The Creation Fertility Toolkit as normal.

I offer zoom group meet ups each evening.  This year I have planned discussing the 5 elements, enjoying mindful exercises and meditation , the use of plant therapy and how to energetically cleanse your space.

 PLEASE NOTE:  you will need a juicer or blender to make your juices or smoothies.  I will be sending you some delicious recipes.

There’s nothing to lose!  Ask your partner or friends to join in too

Cost:  £35.  

11 reasons to join my summer cleanse

This  is the third of my fertility support cleanses this year

Helping  you prepare for pregnancy  safely

It is fun, easy to follow and  led by  me – a fully qualified and registered naturopath and nutritional therapist.

Gently  release toxins  when you are  preparing for pregnancy, or post miscarriage or an assisted conception procedure.

Gently cleanse  your body with living foods.

Maintain well being and hormone balance.  This summer cleanse will help to calm endometriosis, poly-cystic ovaries, pre-menstrual symptoms, reduce ovulation symptoms and  gently help restore hormonal balance.

Reduce bloating and abdominal discomfort

Reduce hormonal acne and skin issues

or SIMPLY  join in  because you have always wanted to experience a juice fast but needed help to do it.

My summer cleanse is safe  when you are trying to conceive  and during the two week wait. By the way, it is also suitable for most people so ask your partners, parents, sisters, friends etc to join in.

Why summer cleanse during the summer months?

Throughout history, people have celebrated and honored the  seasons.   Seasons, have always been key points within the human life cycle and correspond  with your  inner cycle too. The Summer solstice marks the point when the sun reaches its highest point in our sky.  This yang (male energy)  helps us maintain focus and celebrate high energy, warmth and light. Whilst this cleanse is in July we still feel warm, energised and summery!

Just as with the cycles of the sun, there are peaks and lows in  all human life  including fertility journeys.   There are times  in your  menstrual cycle (yin energy/female) that you move forward (follicle stimulating),  times to share (ovulation and conception),  times to go inward (leutinising) and reflection  (menstruation) and even there are times of dark nights of the soul (grief/sadness/frustration/loss).  So my summer cleanse offers you a natural way to  balance yin/yang energy, and honour your body.

*terms and conditions:  You need to  be in good health to undertake this cleanse and  you may be asked to complete a short health questionnaire if you have not worked with me before.  This cleanse is not suitable during pregnancy or if you are lactating,  have recently undergone surgery  shortly after an operation or if you suffer with chronic health conditions such as type I or II Diabetes.



Justine Evans ND B.Sc Nut. Medicine is a Registered Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist and Fertility Doula.  In tune with mother nature, western medicine, the seasons and Eastern philosophy Justine offers a multi dimensional approach to hormone, fertility  and pregnancy health.

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