Post Christmas cleanse

Join me for this simple and short post Christmas cleanse

My seasonal cleanses are designed to link with the natural seasons.    Each cleanse focuses on  the internal organs and emotions  considered within traditional medicine as appropriate for the season.   As you would expect from me all my seasonal cleanses connect with nutrition, emotional well being and help you remain womb positive

More about  this post Christmas cleanse:

Traditionally  the longer evenings  (Like the dark/new moon) encourages retrospection and encourages release we can begin anew.    This  short post Christmas cleanse focuses on releasing Christmas excess, cleansing  the colon using seasonal foods, fibre and movement.

 This post Christmas  cleanse begins Wednesday  January 9th  2019  and completes on Sunday January 13th 2019.  Will you join in? 

It is time to release and restore.  Providing you are not likely to  receive pregnancy confirmation during January 9th – 13th then this supporting cleanse could help 2019 begin positively.  Let me help you to boost  your fertility through hormone balance.

It is perfect if you are preparing for pregnancy, supporting sperm healthtrying to conceive around Christmas  or  post IVF  or miscarriage,

(Please do not attend this cleanse if you are  in the early stages of pregnancy or during an assisted conception procedure).

Traditional medicine does not consider the colder winter months suitable for cleansing but after Christmas and New Year most people feel  cold, heavy, lethargic, sluggish, tired, bloated and depleted.  In Ayuvedic terms we call this “Kapha”.  With this in mind, this super short cleanse acts as a “pick me up”  to restore a little balance!    It’s  “Justine style” so not specifically Ayuvedic although we are increasing “agni” (digestive fire) and utilise warm  seasonal foods,  cleansing Kriya breaths and yoga techniques to help restore balance.

The initial 2 days helps prepare your body and begin the detoxification process – the last 3 days are more intense  so will be during a weekend!

This  post Christmas cleanse includes

Support from  me, Justine Evans, a Fertility Expert, Nutritional Therapist,  and Registered Naturopath

Yoga and Kriya breath work  from Donna Gerrard – a fantastic yoga teacher

A choice of joining a closed facebook or what’s app group for daily interaction, support and guidance

 Simple  seasonal vegetarian recipes to encourage  safe detoxification; gently increase fibre and cleanse the colon daily

An Ayurvedic recipe  to  nourish, warm and cleanse

We use a natural  Spagyric remedy to encourage an emotional detox;

A gentle natural  supplement  to encourage digestive detoxification

A tongue scraper  (this is an oral hygiene practice that removes bacteria, food debris, fungi, toxins, and dead cells from the surface of the tongue).  By the way,  these are all included in the price but additional postage costs may be required if you live outside the UK….)

Donna provides :  A daily short yoga regime and kriya  breath technique to  help you  release and restore (provided via video)

Collectively this offers a mind/body approach to your cleanse!

This simple cleanse does not require too much cooking. A slow cooker  and a juicer or nutri bullet would be perfect but not essential!

Will you be joining  us?   

Early bird price  – only  £25! (until December 9th)

Thereafter £35

To register and only pay £25 before December 9th 2018 you need to let me know @ or call 07747 133170.  

Yoga  posture and Kriya  breathwork provided by my friend and colleague,  Donna Gerrard.  Like me Donna shares a passion for women’s health and together we provide 4 on line seasonal health programmes throughout the year.

Justine Evans ND is a Hormone Alchemist and Fertility Expert.  She is a registered naturopath,  nutritional therapist and healer.  Justine considers women’s health not only from a functional medicine perspective but also bio-dynamically considering the impact our health has with lunar and seasonal energy.  Justine is the founder of Creation Fertility and it’s products.  Justine can be contacted on 07747 133170