• Fertility Superfoods

    Fertility Superfoods . Natural foods are charged with antioxidants, vitality and seasonal health. I refer to this as Life Force or “prana”  – the living vitality that encourages growth and repair.  If you take time to look you can see that plants offered water in fertile soil grow and flourish. Some of you may  follow me on Continue reading »

  • Ovulation Timing

    Ovulation Timing Further to my last blog about ovulation and conception timing in October 2015, Phil Druce of OvulationCalendar.com  has co-written this article. Recently, ovulationcalendar set out to find out what women do not know about ovulation. The results were astounding.  They  found that a staggering 69% of women are completely unaware of their natural fertility signs. Continue reading »

  • Ovulation and Conception Timing

    Ovulation and Conception Timing  When you’ve been trying to conceive, there is very little in the world more exciting than the news that you’re going to have a baby! Understanding the entire process of fertility encourages not only an active role in preparing for pregnancy but also connects with a “conscious conception”. Rather than sitting around, fingers Continue reading »

  • Special Offer over Rugby World Cup!

    Special Offer over Rugby World Cup 12th September – 31st October 2015 Autumn heralds a shift in energy as the year turns through its cycle once more. Whilst some may be energized by The Rugby World Cup others connect with the tradition of Autumn – release, cleanse and boost immunity.  If you are Preparing for Continue reading »

  • Women’s Restorative Day October 16th

    Women’s Restorative Day Join Justine Evans ND and Ruth McNeil for 3 hours of restoration and relaxation in the beautiful surroundings of Yoga Space in Cobham, Surrey. Whether you are Preparing for Pregnancy  or whether you already have a family and they have just returned to school – this is the day for you! Friday October 16th 12 noon Continue reading »

  • So What Are Shiva Lingam’s?

    So What Are Shiva Lingam’s? Shiva Lingam – Linga (plural, Lingam)   In Sanskrit language Shiva Lingam means phallus which gives us an idea as to how they might be associated with reproduction! The Shiva-Lingam is a symbol of the Hindu deity Lord Shiva who embodies wisdom, a happy marriage and being blessed with healthy Continue reading »

  • Early Summer Newsletter

    Early Summer Newsletter from Justine As Summer eventually seems to be arriving here is my Early Summer Newsletter for you! So much has been happening so I have included lots of updates and hormonal  information for you including some yummy recipes to support your well being.  Just click Summer2015e-newsletter to download. Also details enclosed to participate in Continue reading »

  • Creation Fertility Two Week Wait Kit

    Creation Fertility Two Week Wait Kit During the 2 week wait it is important to remain focused and strong.  The exclusive Creation Fertility Two Week Wait Kit  provides all that is necessary to support you during this difficult period.  We practise what we preach so these products are used within the clinic and during all Signature Treatments To buy Continue reading »

  • Love Your Womb Workshop

    Love Your Womb Workshop  Wednesday June 17th 2015  7.00 to 9pm £20 Calling All Women! Whether you are preparing for pregnancy, trying to conceive, recovering from a failed assisted conception, have been diagnosed  with fibroids, polyps, cysts, endometriosis or any other women’s womb  health issues including the menopause this evening’s workshop helps you to get in Continue reading »

  • Creation Fertility Essence

    Creation Fertility Essence This alchemical essence has been developed to support “new beginnings” and regulate hormonal health.  It works on the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions and is truly “holistic”.   Creation Fertility Essence is an ideal adjunct to your fertility journey as safe to use throughout Preparing for Pregnancy, when Trying to Conceive and  during the birth Continue reading »