• Pachamamma

    Pachamamma is a fertility goddess. Also known as The Earth Mother she represents life itself. She is both the womb and the tomb and maintains the eternal, rhythmic balance of life which is why creation fertility guidance cards offer her as fertility support

  • 3 special offers to share

    3 special offers from Justine Evans ND and Creation Fertility available at the London Fertility Show to support your dream of parenthood

  • Fertility mantra

    Fertility mantra We haven’t discussed  the use of fertility mantra for a while but these beautiful and powerful mantras can be a great asset to your fertility journey. Whilst you may feel a little self conscious to begin, once you get the hang of chanting and kirtan you will really appreciate how mantra chant resonates Continue reading »

  • Does your fertility follow the moon?

    Doe your fertility follow the moon? Justine Evans, founder of Creation Fertility provides a new moon reading for you to follow throughout this months energy and womb cycle; focusing on fertility nutrition, mindset, ovulation window and chemical influence

  • September full moon reading

    As 2016 continues to turn this September full moon reading using Creation Fertiltility cards encourages you to focus on your ovulation window, maintain a fertility diet and keep smiling!

  • Moon readings

    Moon Readings As you may already know I work alongside moon energy and during a recent meditation I was guided to offer moon readings using Creation Fertility guidance cards.  The cards are wonderful support for all fertility journey’s, encompassing nutritional therapy, Eastern philosophy and positive mindset including mindful meditation and chant. We are already under Continue reading »

  • Do you understand moon wisdom?

    Do you understand moon wisdom?  “Our great symbol for the Goddess is the moon, whose three aspects reflect the three stages in women’s lives and whose cycles of waxing and waning coincide with women’s menstrual cycles.” Author: Carol P. Christ  Womb Wisdom  Traditionally the female cycle is known as the “moon cycle” because:  The menstrual cycle Continue reading »

  • Reiki and Fertility

    What is Reiki? It is a natural, safe and powerful therapy that  supports everything including fertility and pregnancy.   It means Universal Life Force – pure, positive, creative energy that is around and within all living things.  Reiki is not a religion, more a philosophy and conscious connection but, I appreciate, difficult for the logical mind to Continue reading »

  • The 1st Trimester of Pregnancy

    ongratulations – you are pregnant! Within the Creation Fertility clinic we hear this wonderful news regularly – but it is often followed with concern around food and exercise during the 1st trimester of pregnancy. Questions such as – what can I eat? Can I continue with my exercise classes or go to the gym?

  • Trying to conceive?

    Are you trying to conceive?  My previous blogs have focused on ovulation awareness and fertility nutrition but this week we consider more nurturing therapies to help you fullfil your parenting dream. The Conception card within the Creation Fertility Toolkit indicates that the seeds are being sown for a positive conception.  The emotional quality represented by this card is deep – indicating the time Continue reading »