• Post Christmas cleanse

    Join me for a 3 day post Christmas cleanse   My seasonal cleanses are designed to link with the natural seasons.    Each cleanse focuses on  the internal organs and emotions  considered within traditional medicine as appropriate for the season.   As you would expect from me all my seasonal cleanses connect with nutrition, emotional well being and Continue reading »

  • Carnelian, black mustard seed and chant

    Carnelian, black mustard seed and chant may seem an odd mixture but they can all support your fertility journey!  This month my fertility inspiration suggestions combine nutritional therapy with energy healing to raise our vibration. Black mustard seeds – also known as Brassica Nigra   This  healing plant and Spagyric remedy is a joy to introduce Continue reading »

  • Heart opening yoga

    Heart opening yoga is so beneficial for all forms of well-being including fertility.  If you follow me regularly you know I LOVE yoga and this month  alongside my new moon guidance   where I invited you to enjoy 3 meditations to Relax  and support your fertility I am now including a heart opening yoga practice. This Continue reading »

  • Relax to support your fertility

    Relax to support your fertility Stay grounded, hold onto hope, be creative, and take action! New moon SUNDAY 15th NOVEMBER 2020  05.07AM GMT I know my #fertilityinspiration guidance is late this week – I blame lockdown2, technical website issues  and  planetary influences!.  Anyway, I am sorry but I have been feeling it this week.  This Continue reading »

  • Connect with each day

    Connect with each day  I was thinking about 2020 and connecting with the libra new moon as I drew the creation fertility cards this month.  My thoughts were How can we gain balance in our lives right now to support our hormones? How can we support ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually? How can we stay Continue reading »

  • Moonstones for fertility

    Moonstones for fertility This month on #fertilityinspiration  we are combining a little bit of science with nature! At the new moon this month  (September 17th 2020) I have drawn 3 cards from the Creation Fertility Toolkit.   Card 42 – fertility superfoods, card 1 – starry silence and card 37 – moonstone So,  let us begin Continue reading »

  • It’s all about LOVE

    It’s all about LOVE  Yes – this month let’s keep things simple and focus on the most important aspect of our lives – LOVE. As Rebekah Shaman says “We live in a reality based on duality, where there has to be a polar opposite (light/dark, war/peace, fear/love, male/female, negative/positive, etc) but most of us have Continue reading »

  • 3 mindful protection methods

    So far this month we have connected with Pachamamma using seasonal foods and earth energies. But now we are moving on to the 2nd card for the month  from my guidance cards  – card number 5. Protection.  Such an interesting card and so relevant right now. What does protection mean to you?  The Cambridge English Continue reading »

  • Pachamamma

    Pachamamma is a fertility goddess. Also known as The Earth Mother she represents life itself. She is both the womb and the tomb and maintains the eternal, rhythmic balance of life which is why creation fertility guidance cards offer her as fertility support