• Trying To Conceive Over Christmas

    Trying to Conceive Over Christmas Whilst Christmas and the New Year is all about family, festivities and PARTIES it may not feel such an easy time to maintain a fertility healthcare programme when you are  Preparing for Pregnancy  or Trying To Conceive .  With this in mind here are some naturopathic ideas; a lovely mindful Continue reading »

  • Menstruation matters

    Menstruation matters – this month I am inviting you to track your cycle – not for ovulation necessarily but to help you listen to your body! If you already follow me you know at each new moon I offer guidance for the month ahead.  This helps you build a healthy fertility programme step by step.  Continue reading »

  • 5 hormone laboratory tests to support your fertility

    This month on #fertility inspiration I am integrating science with nature.  I began this month discussing the use of moonstone crystals  but am continuing with  a simple guide to 5 of the many functional laboratory tests to assess fertility, methylation, oestrogen metabolism and stress that I regularly use in clinic.  Of course, all clients who Continue reading »

  • Fertility Superfoods

    Fertility Superfoods .  These natural foods are charged with antioxidants, vitality and seasonal health to support your fertility journey. I refer to this  “vitality” as Life Force or “prana”  – the living energy that encourages growth and repair. Some of you may  follow me on social media including you tube for my monthly #fertilityinspiration. If  Continue reading »

  • Moonstones for fertility

    Moonstones for fertility This month on #fertilityinspiration  we are combining a little bit of science with nature.  At the new moon this month  (October 27th) I  drew 1 card from the Creation Fertility Toolkit. Why?  Well, because  I will also be discussing the benefits of some important functional hormone tests to help on your fertility Continue reading »

  • It’s all about LOVE

    New Moon – September 28th 2019. It’s all about Yes – this month let’s keep things simple and focus on the most important aspect of our lives – LOVE. As Rebekah Shaman says “We live in a reality based on duality, where there has to be a polar opposite (light/dark, war/peace, fear/love, male/female, negative/positive, etc) Continue reading »

  • Bee products for reproductive well being

    Bee products for reproductive well being September fertility and lifestyle with Justine As the new moon cycle  seasonally turns this month on 30th August we are linking with BEE  products/wisdom to support your fertility, immunity and hormone balance. As I will be flying to Ibiza during this new moon I have drawn the cards early Continue reading »

  • Support your fertility this autumn

    Support your fertility this Autumn October 17th – 29th 2019 and only £150 Autumn Cleanse: October 17th – 27th 2019.  Only £150.  contact@justineevans.co.uk to secure your place! Support your fertility with this years autumn cleanse A mind/body approach to strengthen overall health Restore your body’s natural balance Help balance your endocrine system Encourage more blood flow Continue reading »

  • Yoga poses and connecting with Durga

    This month on #fertilityinspiration lifestyle guidance the shakti energy and warrior goddess Durga has stepped forward.  She offers strong guidance focusing on your reproductive health  emotionally, physically and environmentally. The Goddess Durga  comes forward to help protect and guide us from conflict and our human tendencies towards anger, deceit, greed (think the 7 deadly sins). Continue reading »

  • iodine for fertile wellbeing

    IODINE for fertile wellbeing Here is my August fertility and lifestyle guidance video. It also contains information on some of my other cards but if you are only interested in the nutrient benefits of iodine I suggest you read more below card 23: Iodine rich organic foods.  Whilst my last blog discussed the more esoteric Continue reading »