• Fertility intentions

    Fertility intentions are a fantastic approach to any fertility journey.  With each womb bleed many women struggle with that definitive truth that their menstrual blood confirms that they are not pregnant this cycle.  Whether you  connect with the lunar cycle (i.e. work with new moon energy) or prefer to work with your womb bleed  today Continue reading »

  • 2 fertility acupressure techniques to try

    2 fertility acupressure techniques to try Alongside my naturopathic and nutrition practice I am a great believer in  complementary therapies. These include acupressure and reflexology  (which is a form of acupressure) to support  your conception.  Acupressure  is easy to learn and supports you both  emotionally and physically.   If you have not heard of acupressure before Continue reading »

  • iodine for fertile wellbeing

    IODINE for fertile wellbeing Here is my August fertility and lifestyle guidance video. It also contains information on some of my other cards but if you are only interested in the nutrient benefits of iodine I suggest you read more below card 23: Iodine rich organic foods.  Whilst my last blog discussed the more esoteric Continue reading »

  • Fertility yoga and womb meditation

    Fertility yoga and womb meditation If you are a regular reader of #fertility inspiration you know I am a fertility expert (aka fertility doula) using natural traditional medicine  (naturaopthy) to  help you become  baby-ready.  Being “all about the moon and the womb” I invite you encompass a traditional medicine approach by taking time to connect Continue reading »

  • Toxic tampons

    Do you use toxic tampons? Not everyone likes to discuss this important  topic but when it comes to feminine hygiene, fertility and hormonal health it’s a must. Have you ever considered what you use, their manufacture and how much sanitary ware you will use over your menstrual life?   You will use  around 16,000 tampons in Continue reading »

  • Lakshmi and Tulsi support reproductive health

    Lakshmi and Tulsi support reproductive health November new moon hormone/fertility inspiration with Justine Evans ND . Thursday 4th November. New Moon 9.15pm GMT  (new moon in cancer) As I pulled the cards this month we link with Lakshmi the beautiful Hindu goddess of prosperity, love, fertility and spiritual abundance. We also link with card 23. organic Continue reading »

  • 5 fertility meditations

    5 fertility meditations My fertility inspiration group this moon cycle have been considering becoming  chemical free to support their fertility.  We have also been focusing on the benefits of  the plant echinacea for fertility. You can read about it’s fantastic fertility benefits on my sister site E is for echinacea.   Join my monthly fertility inspiration group Continue reading »

  • Make your own energy remedy

    Make your own energy remedy Welcome to this month’s  guidance from the Creation Fertility Toolkit Both important cards but today I am showing you how to make your own energy remedy connecting with card 29 – Pacha Mamma.  to support your hormonal balance. This is so simple! *Include some of these seasonal foods into your Continue reading »