• Connect with your uterus using creative art

    On Saturday I ran a wonderful pop up workshop called “The creative womb” as part of the M Word  exhibition I was invited to take part in.  The  focus of the exhibition connected mental health with  fertility/mothering/menopause/antenatal/puberty/grandparenting/womb concerns/infertility etc.  In this instance my workshop focused explored mindful art and visualisation.   Everyone enjoyed it so much Continue reading »

  • Balancing hormones during May

    Welcome to “Balancing hormones during May”. As you  may probably already know during 2019 I am offering a monthly  step by step approach to fertility wellbeing using my Creation Fertility Guidance Cards This month I have recorded 2 video’s explaining this months focus. The video  below (about 20 minutes) introduces the 2 cards for the Continue reading »

  • Can environmental toxins affect fertility?

    As you probably already know this year I decided to help you all build a fertility lifestyle month by month by offering guidance using my Creation Fertility Toolkit each month. This month’s new moon reading considers “chemicals” and how it impacts on hormone balance and fertility. Here’s the video Can environmental toxins affect fertility? Have Continue reading »

  • Building a fertility lifestyle – March

    Building a fertility lifestyle – March Hello there.  Today is the 6th March and a New Moon.  If you  already follow me on social media or here or are a member of #fertilityinspiration  you know that at each new moon I provide 2-3 steps towards building a fertility lifestyle using the Creation Fertility Guidance cards. Continue reading »

  • February’s Fertility Lifestyle

    February’s Fertility Lifestyle  New moon: 4th February 2019 @ 21:06 GMT Last month I  invited you to build a fertility lifestyle month by month throughout the year with me.  As explained, at each new moon I provide a  “new moon reading” using the  Creation Fertility Toolkit to help you build a fertility diet and lifestyle Continue reading »

  • Want a baby? Try this liver cleanse

    Starts  March 21st  –  only £100   Are you wanting a baby?  Then please join me for  21 days to a more fertile you liver cleanse. It is time to bring the spring back into your step.  Cleanse, detoxify and rebalance.   The liver is one of the most important organs in the body. Did you know it governs about Continue reading »

  • Building a fertility lifestyle

    Building a fertility  lifestyle  If you follow me on social media – that’s Instagram or facebook you will know that I offer new moon readings using fertility inspiration guidance cards.  The moon cycles every 29 days which enables me to offer you an easy to  build  fertility and lifestyle diet step by step. I truly Continue reading »

  • Trying To Conceive Over Christmas

    Trying to Conceive Over Christmas? Whilst Christmas and the New Year is all about family, festivities and PARTIES this is not an easy time for those of you Preparing for Pregnancy  or Trying To Conceive  Here are my top tips to support you this Christmas  Partying – It can be difficult to avoid alcohol – Continue reading »

  • Christmas Hours

    Hello there and let me first of all wish you all an enjoyable Solstice on 21st December, an amazing Merry Christmas and a welcoming New Year. Christmas Hours: I am taking a well deserved break and will be closing the clinic today,  Thursday 20th December 2018.  The clinic will re-open  Tuesday Wednesday 2nd January 2019. The Continue reading »

  • Post Christmas cleanse

    Join me for this simple and short post Christmas cleanse My seasonal cleanses are designed to link with the natural seasons.    Each cleanse focuses on  the internal organs and emotions  considered within traditional medicine as appropriate for the season.   As you would expect from me all my seasonal cleanses connect with nutrition, emotional well being and Continue reading »