• Creation’s 5 Top Fertility Tips

    Thinking of starting a family? Here are 5 top fertility tips. 5 TOP FERTILITY TIPS Strategy, Planning, Emotional Wellbeing, Stress Management, Nutritional Therapy

  • How Does Blood Sugar Affect Fertility?

    How blood sugar works: All the carbohydrates we eat (sugary/starchy foods such as fruit, bread, pasta, cakes and pastries) are broken down into glucose which gives us energy.  Certain foods are broken down into glucose very quickly which result in an instant surge of energy. The negative effect of this is that blood sugar levels Continue reading »

  • PolyCystic Ovaries?

    I have just added a new information leaflet and Blood Sugar Diet to my site.  Please see here for naturopathic support linked to polycystic ovaries  https://www.creationfertility.com/free-support/

  • Far Infrared Therapy Special Offer

    Far Infrared Therapy can be helpful for hormonal issues and post birth although cannot be used during pregnancy. At the Conscious Health Centre we are offering 6 treatments for only £125! Here are more details. Farinfrared SPECIAL

  • Free Support

    Because nobody is the same it is ideal if all health programmes are written on an individual basis however here is a selection of generalised support to help you on your journey. https://www.creationfertility.com/free-support/

  • Far Infrared Therapy

    Far infrared therapy is wonderful support and easy to use which I incorporate into many of my protocols and treatments: I consider it useful for as number of fertility and post birth issues such as: Detoxification and support during preparing for pregnancy Warming the womb before and over ovulation when trying for a baby Detoxification after  surgery, failed IVF Continue reading »

  • November Newsletter

    October2013e-newsletter Click link above for this months e-newsletter.  Delicious recipes, naturopathic suggestions  for thrush and meditation dates

  • Clinic Hours

    My clinic is run from The Conscious Health Centre, 64 Hampton Road, Twickenham TW2 5QB Tuesday: 10:00 am – last appointment begins 6.30 pm Wednesday: 10:00 am – last appointment begins 7.30 pm Friday: 10 am – last appointment begins 2:00 pm Saturday: By appointment only – monthly.