• Reiki Attunement

    I have been asked to give some Reiki Attunements over July and August. Here is the schedule for Reiki 1, II and III Master/Teachers. If you are interested please contact me as soon as possible. You may also be interested to look at CONSCIOUS DEVELOPMENT AND MEDITATION SCHEDULE2014 Usui Reiki Attunements 2014.   Reiki 1:  10:00 Continue reading »

  • Full Moon and Fertility

    Moon-Fertility. Does the moon have an impact on our hormones, conception and labour? My clinical experience suggests that it does!  Since working as a Naturopath and Complementary Therapist within the Fertility and Pregnancy field I have become increasing fascinated with the lunar cycle and how its effects the hormonal cycle. Traditionally the female cycle is Continue reading »

  • Fertility Consultant

    I am very pleased to advise that I a a “Creation Fertility Consultant”. So what does that mean?  Short video explaining it here Creation Fertility Consultant. Essentially I help you to get the best out of your appointment with your consultant or GP.  For instance you may have an undiagnosed fertility or hormonal issue.  What tests are available and Continue reading »

  • Summer Special Offers!

    Preparing for Pregnancy? 2 Summer Special Offers – valid June 1st – August 31st 2014 –  1. 15% discount on Preparing for Pregnancy Naturopathic Wellness Programme with Health Screening (RRP £150) (not available during pregnancy due to Health Screening Machine)  2. Hands On Energy  Healing Treatment  plus Asyra ™ Energy Remedy Screening AND  energetic laser treatment OR energetic Continue reading »

  • Summer E Newsletter

    Welcome to the Summer @ www.creationfertility.com!  My approach to  health  blends Western Science with Eastern Philosophy and  I consider  21st century living , physical health and emotions before devising a fertility or pregnancy programme – seeing  my clients as a “whole” and working with nature.  Whilst I  prefer to meet clients face to face this is not Continue reading »

  • Spring Newsletter

    I know it’s really late but here is a copy of my Spring Newsletter.  It includes the importance of detoxing during the Spring season and relates to Liver Health.  This is particularly important when preparing for pregnancy and conception.  The liver  is an amazing organ which stores oestrogen as well as many other nutrients and is Continue reading »

  • Spring Meditation

    Learning to meditate is calming and helps you to find contentment within.  During the fertility journey a positive mindset helps you to observe yourself without judgement or dwelling on what may seem “inconceivable”.  Spring is a time of detoxification and releasing all that no longer serves you – encouraging a positive mindset and new beginnings. This Spring Continue reading »

  • January 2014 Newsletter

    Here is a copy of my newsletter.  This month I offer 2 delicious recipes using seasonal foods, a Special “Far Infrared Therapy” offer, a we focus on Winter Health and kidney support.  My schedule for meditation classes and groups is also enclosed and clinic hours @ The Conscious Health Centre, Twickenham. I hope you enjoy Continue reading »

  • Naturopathy from Fertility to Family

    There are many forms of naturopathy including nutritional therapy, reflexology, massage, far infrared therapy, Reiki, meditation and Spagyric Remedies.  This pdf offers an explanation as to how it may help you on your fertility journey and as a parent.  I am a Spagyric Remedy practitioner and am working on a new page to explain it to Continue reading »

  • Happy New Year 2014

    Wishing you a Wonderful New Year! For me 2013 welcomed a new clinic, new clients, many pregnancies and births not to mention the ever evolving naturopathic professional development. The Creation Fertility and Justine Evans clinic (supporting hormonal, fertility and womens health using Nutritional Therapy, Reflexology, Massage, Far Infrared, Energy Healing ) @ The Conscious Health Centre, Continue reading »