• Lakshmi and Tulsi support reproductive health

    Lakshmi and Tulsi support reproductive health November new moon hormone/fertility inspiration with Justine Evans ND . Thursday 4th November. New Moon 9.15pm GMT  (new moon in cancer) As I pulled the cards this month we link with Lakshmi the beautiful Hindu goddess of prosperity, love, fertility and spiritual abundance. We also link with card 23. organic Continue reading »

  • 5 fertility meditations

    5 fertility meditations My fertility inspiration group this moon cycle have been considering becoming  chemical free to support their fertility.  We have also been focusing on the benefits of  the plant echinacea for fertility. You can read about it’s fantastic fertility benefits on my sister site E is for echinacea.   Join my monthly fertility inspiration group Continue reading »

  • Support your fertility with an autumn cleanse

    Support your fertility with an autumn cleanse 10 days October 21st – 30th 2021.  Only £70  a mind/body approach to an autumn cleanse strengthen your immune system restore natural  hormone balance learn new mindful and naturopathic approaches to support your health reduce the side effects of fertility medications For pregnancy to occur all the body organ Continue reading »

  • Make your own energy remedy

    Make your own energy remedy Welcome to this month’s  guidance from the Creation Fertility Toolkit Both important cards but today I am showing you how to make your own energy remedy connecting with card 29 – Pacha Mamma.  to support your hormonal balance. This is so simple! *Include some of these seasonal foods into your Continue reading »

  • Seed Rotating for fertility

    Seed rotating is a popular and simple way to support your fertility and other hormonal imbalances such as PMS and peri menopause.   Yes, some of you lovelies on your fertility journey are also peri-menopausal.  It is easy to follow and great for any woman  who struggles with oestrogen dominance or low oestrogen.  You can  boost Continue reading »

  • Fertility mantra

    Fertility mantra. The power of sound We haven’t discussed  the use of fertility mantra for a while but mantras can be a great asset  – not only for your mental wellbeing, immune health but your fertility too!  Whilst you may feel a little self conscious to begin, once you get the hang of  humming, chanting or Continue reading »

  • Mindful Solstice Ritual

    Mindful Solstice Ritual The Summer solstice  is on the 21st June.  It marks the mid-point between the year and offers us time to pause, celebrate, reflect and set intentions for the coming 6 months.  I doubt I need to remind you that the last year has been “different” and it is easy to get caught Continue reading »