• 3 mindful protection methods

    So far this month we have connected with Pachamamma using seasonal foods and earth energies. But now we are moving on to the 2nd card for the month  from my guidance cards  – card number 5. Protection.  Such an interesting card and so relevant right now. What does protection mean to you?  The Cambridge English Continue reading »

  • Pachamamma

    Pachamamma is a fertility goddess. Also known as The Earth Mother she represents life itself. She is both the womb and the tomb and maintains the eternal, rhythmic balance of life which is why creation fertility guidance cards offer her as fertility support

  • Seasonal foods and energy remedies

    Welcome to this month’s new moon guidance. This month I have drawn 2 cards from the Creation Fertility Toolkit  card 29 – Pacha Mamma and card 9 – Protect. Please watch my video above (about 22 minutes) to see exactly what we are doing this moon cycle and read more below! Both important cards but Continue reading »

  • Getting a good nights sleep

    Getting a good nights sleep As explained in my new moon reading using #fertilityinspiration guidance cards  plus my last article; during this moon cycle we are focusing on the importance of a good nights sleep to support your fertility journey.  We will also be exploring your perspective/outlook on life and how this could be influencing Continue reading »

  • Summer Solstice Blessings

    Summer Solstice Blessings 2020 continues to be like no other as  the wheel of year turns to it’s mid point.  This year the summer solstice (June 20th)  aligned with a new moon  (June 21) and a solar eclipse before mid-summers day ( June 24th). Traditionally the summer solstice is a period of high energy and Continue reading »

  • Starry silence meditation

    Starry silence meditation This  new moon when I drew the fertility inspiration cards I pulled only 1 card. Why? As the lock down withdraws step-by-step I  knew that I wanted to focus on  building lunar energy  into your life and invite you to my 3 day summer cleanse to support your nutritional wellbeing. Cleansing  the Continue reading »

  • fertility adaptogens

    3 fertility adaptogens – Ashwaganda, Reishi and Cordyceps This month alongside my #fertilityinspiration guidance The importance of breathwork and friends we are connecting with the card fertility superfoods and the use of adaptogens.  Their balancing and regulating effects help us adapt to stressful situations support the nervous system balance hormones boost immune cells create stability Continue reading »

  • The importance of breathwork and friends

    Welcome to this month’s new moon guidance using  the Creation fertility toolkit.    This month we are focusing on the importance of breathwork and friends to support  your fertility and reproductive health. This new moon I drew 3 beautiful cards This month I have broken #fertilityinspiration down into 2 easy steps. Between now and the Continue reading »

  • Fertility mantra

    Fertility mantra. The power of sound We haven’t discussed  the use of fertility mantra for a while but mantras can be a great asset  – not only for your immune health but your fertility too!  Whilst you may feel a little self conscious to begin, once you get the hang of  humming, chanting or kirtan you Continue reading »

  • Immune support and the new moon

    Immune support and the new moon March 24th Spring Equinox and new moon guidance using  Creation Fertility Toolkit So – it appears we are in the thick of the needing immune support.  The coronavirus seems set to cause fear and disruption in our lives. Hospitals are overloaded with patients and all “non essential” operations and Continue reading »