• 5 hormone laboratory tests to support your fertility

    This month I am discussing hormone laboratory tests – functional testing.  I began this month discussing the use of moonstone crystals  but am continuing with  a simple guide to 5 of the many functional laboratory tests to assess fertility, methylation, oestrogen metabolism and stress that I regularly use in clinic.  Of course, all clients who Continue reading »

  • Celebrate Imbolc as a fertility festival

    Celebrate Imbolc as a fertility festival  2023 in numerology terms  is considered “7 energy”.  This means that it connects with the crown  – this being Divine Light” or Crown energy.  Personally, I believe 2023 is the year to return to your inner truth, that part of you which is not influenced by marketing, advertising, social Continue reading »

  • Are you ready to conceive?

    Are you ready to conceive? This month let me help you become ready to conceive. Are you ready to conceive mindful exercise   We begin with a grounding meditation and set intentions using the new moon template    Instructions: In the first column  write your answers to the first contemplative question, the central column provides Continue reading »

  • Support your fertility with an autumn cleanse

    Support your fertility with an autumn cleanse 10 days October 19th – 28th 2022   Only £75 plus p&p (£80)  This Autumn Cleanse provides a mind/body approach to an autumn cleanse strengthens your immune system restores natural  hormone balance provides mindful and naturopathic approaches to support your fertility health there is no fasting – you will be Continue reading »

  • fertility adaptogens

    3 fertility adaptogens – Ashwaganda, Reishi and Cordyceps Yes, these adaptogens are medicinal mushrooms which are powerhouses and magical wonders of the woodlands and fields. Their balancing and regulating effects help us adapt to stressful situations support the nervous system balance hormones boost immune cells create stability in the body   The 3 adaptogens I Continue reading »

  • Fertility Superfoods

    Fertility Superfoods .  These natural foods are charged with antioxidants, vitality and seasonal health to support your fertility journey. I refer to this  “vitality” as Life Force or “prana”  – the living energy that encourages growth and repair. Some of you may  follow me on social media including you tube for my monthly #fertilityinspiration. If  Continue reading »

  • Bee products for reproductive well being

    Bee products for reproductive well being As the moon cycle  turns this month we are linking with BEE  wisdom to support fertility, immunity and hormone balance. Bees provide an array of goodies including beeswax, honeycomb, bee bread, bee nectar, bee hive air; bee venom, honey, royal jelly, propolis and bee pollen.  All have their own Continue reading »

  • Magnesium for fertility

    Magnesium for fertility Welcome to my website.  Today I thought we would discuss magnesium as it is the primary nutrient deficiency I see in clinic. Magnesium is the 4th most abundant mineral in the human body and involved in over 600 biochemical reactions in your body.  WHOA that’s a lot!  Women use magnesium likes it’s going out of fashion! Our bodies need Continue reading »