• Bee products for reproductive well being

    Bee products for reproductive well being September fertility and lifestyle with Justine As the new moon cycle  seasonally turns this month on 30th August we are linking with BEE  products/wisdom to support your fertility, immunity and hormone balance. As I will be flying to Ibiza during this new moon I have drawn the cards early Continue reading »

  • Support your fertility this autumn

    Support your fertility this Autumn October 17th – 29th 2019 and only £150 Autumn Cleanse: October 17th – 27th 2019.  Only £150.  contact@justineevans.co.uk to secure your place! Support your fertility with this years autumn cleanse A mind/body approach to strengthen overall health Restore your body’s natural balance Help balance your endocrine system Encourage more blood flow Continue reading »

  • Yoga poses and connecting with Durga

    This month on #fertilityinspiration lifestyle guidance the shakti energy and warrior goddess Durga has stepped forward.  She offers strong guidance focusing on your reproductive health  emotionally, physically and environmentally. The Goddess Durga  comes forward to help protect and guide us from conflict and our human tendencies towards anger, deceit, greed (think the 7 deadly sins). Continue reading »

  • iodine for fertile wellbeing

    IODINE for fertile wellbeing Here is my August fertility and lifestyle guidance video. It also contains information on some of my other cards but if you are only interested in the nutrient benefits of iodine I suggest you read more below card 23: Iodine rich organic foods.  Whilst my last blog discussed the more esoteric Continue reading »

  • What To Do When IVF Fails

    What To Do When IVF  Fails.  Did your IVF/assisted conception fail or have you recently suffered a miscarriage? As a Fertility Doula I am particularly aware of how this experience impacts not only your physical body but also your  emotional self and  your ability to conceive. Here’s how to recover.   Take time to adapt to the Continue reading »

  • Magnesium for fertility

    Magnesium for fertility The July edition of  my monthly fertility and hormone guidance highlighted the importance of magnesium to support your fertility and hormone health.  Watch the video below and enjoy the recipe! This is the primary nutrient deficiency I see in clinic. Magnesium is the 4th most abundant mineral in the human body and involved in over 600 Continue reading »

  • It’s the conception card!

    Hello there and welcome to this month’s (July 2019) fertility inspiration.  Each month at the new moon I draw cards from the Creation Fertility Toolkit to help maintain your fertility lifestyle – step by step.  Please watch the short video to help you follow this months focus but if you don’t want too then read Continue reading »

  • Mindful Solstice Ritual

    Mindful Solstice Ritual The Summer solstice was last friday – the 21st June.  It marks the mid-point between the year and offers us time to pause, celebrate, reflect and set intentions for the coming 6 months.  It is also a fabulous time to immerse into a summer detox – which I have just completed.  During Continue reading »

  • MLD massage and fertility

    MLD massage and fertility This week I am talking about an AMAZING form of massage called Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) to support your fertility, assisted conception procedures, during pregnancy and post-baby too. MLD massage and fertility With research we are realising how much immunological factors are contributing to (in) fertility issues.  If you have already Continue reading »

  • Fertility exercise and dance

    Hello there and welcome to this month’s fertility focus – helping you build a hormone happy & fertility lifestyle step by step.  This month I have drawn 3 cards from the  Creation Fertility Toolkit and focus on their guidance. The cards for June 2019 are  Card 18. Nourish Card 23. Organic foods  (which also was Continue reading »