New moon reading

The New moon for  December  completes Friday 7th December 2018 I am not an astrologer but appreciate this new moon is the final new moon of 2018 . Here is this month’s new moon reading using my Creation Fertility guidance cards to support your fertility journey.

Womb wisdom: The new moon indicates a new lunar cycle – for many women this indicates ovulation or the beginning of menstruation; blessing  the earth with blood to prepare your body for another chance of fertilisation or confirmation of a positive pregnancy and a welcome new chapter of life. 

Nourish Creation Fertility Guidance Card5. ProtectThe Sun Creation Fertility Guidance card

Card 1 – Nourish

With Christmas coming it’s easy to break the fertility diet.  So, this card reminds you to continue to eat plenty of  Superfoods for Fertility and Hormone Health throughout this month. Green foods are powerhouses containing nutrients which support your fertility journey.

You can also try to include a fresh green juice daily such as broccoli and  apple with mint or courgette ginger and cucumber or  try a fresh celery juice daily. 

Seasonal green  fruit and vegetables:  apples, Brussels Sprouts, cabbage, chicory, jerusalem artichokes, kale, leeks, pears, purple sprouting broccoli, greens, spring onions, watercress, chicory

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Card 2 – Protection

creationfertility.comAre you feeling negative or drained?   As we cycle towards the end of the year  it is easy to feel  drained and vulnerable.  2018 has been challenging for so many of us with Brexit, the fast pace of life and  the up’s and downs of  our own individual fertility journey.  This card indicates that you may be feeling more sensitive to people. Are certain individuals  or situations depleting you?  This new moon reading card indicates that you would benefit from  some protection.  Each of us radiates energy  –  whether  it is positive or negative  we ooze and receive energy into our aura.  This is wonderful providing we are feeling positive, strong and only allow similar people into our space.  However, how many of us can actually manage this?   Try this  VISUALISATION daily to protect yourself, or, if you have the opportunity come for a Reiki and energy healing  treatment so I can cleanse your aura.  

 Take a moment to find some stillness in your busy day. Close your eyes and  mindfully become aware of your body. Connect deeply and slowly with your toes, legs, thighs, torso, arms, neck, face and then crown, imagining light infusing each area with love and well being.  Exhale all your stresses and release all your frustrations, breathing them right out of your body. Repeat this process three times or until you are feeling relaxed. Now, take a moment to imagine a bright white light coming down from above (this could be moon energy or higher – Source energy).  Let this light travel down and envelop you in a cocoon of bright white light.  This protective layer  cleanses your whole aura,  penetrating your aura, cleansing it throughout.  Now, take  moment to link with a person of situation which has disturbed you.  It may be an upset with someone, a wrong doing of some kind or a decision you need to make.  Send positive energy to flow from you to the person or situation and vice versa, no energy can penetrate the shield other than pure light and love.  Breathe the energy in and out through your nostrils; connecting your whole physical being – inside and out like a net of pure brilliant light. When you are feeling clear, imagine this light like a bubble of energy surrounding and protecting you.  Let your eyes open and return to your day.  

You can also use these alternatives to help “protect you”

Burn the herb sage in  your room or house to cleanse negativity.

When you take your daily shower  imagine that you are releasing  negativity.  Visualise it running off your body,  through the water and away through the plug hole. Release, release, release

Burn some candles and take a long warm  epsom salt bath with some  Creation Essence in it.  Release the day

Get outside.  Take a walk.  Notice how nature simply let’s go .

Laugh, sing, dance and be happy!


Card 3: The Sun

The sun symbolises  yang energy – vitality, focus, warmth, daylight,  fire and determination.   This is  The Sun card available at my Etsy shop.   Sunflowers  illustrate the sun because they remind me of happiness and high vitality and well being. This  new moon reading this card  reminds you to stay determined and encourages you to maintain your focus on creating a baby.  It is also associated with Lord Shiva who was the third card in my last full moon reading.  In this new moon reading the sun Creation fertility guidance card indicates that the opportunity for conception is near. Stay connected with your dream of a pregnancy.

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New moon reading for 7th December 2018

Posted by Creation-Healing on Friday, 7 December 2018


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Justine Evans Founder of Creation FertilityJustine Evans ND is a Hormone Alchemist and Fertility Expert.  She is a registered naturopath,  nutritional therapist and healer.  Justine considers women’s health not only from a functional medicine perspective but also bio-dynamically considering the impact our health has with lunar and seasonal energy.  Justine is the founder of Creation Fertility and it’s products.  Justine can be contacted on 07747 133170