Full Moon and Fertility

Moon-Fertility. Does the moon have an impact on our hormones, conception and labour? My clinical experience suggests that it does!  Since working as a Naturopath and Complementary Therapist within the Fertility and Pregnancy field I have become increasing fascinated with the lunar cycle and how its effects the hormonal cycle. Traditionally the female cycle is known as the “moon cycle” because

a) The menstrual cycle follows the lunar cycle – between 28 – 31 days,

b) Menstruation occurs at a New Moon and

c) It has a sway over our libido and sex life.

The Moon is part of a rhythm observed in the natural world of cycles, with Life Force developing, growing  and energising during the waxing cycle (up to the Full Moon), and reducing during the waning cycle (Full Moon -> New Moon). An example of this is that marine animals/crustaceans synchronise their breeding cycles with the full moon.  To read more about this look at: Full Moon and Fertility   or https://www.creationfertility.com/home/free-support/ .