MLD massage and fertility

MLD massage and fertility

This week I am talking about an AMAZING form of massage called Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) to support your fertility, assisted conception procedures, during pregnancy and post-baby too.

MLD massage and fertility

With research we are realising how much immunological factors are contributing to (in) fertility issues.  If you have already attended an assisted conception procedure you are probably already aware of this.  If not, then believe me there is plenty of science research currently undergoing on this subject. A well functioning lymphatic system plays an integral role in the body’s immune responses and the circulation of hormones.  Did you know it  it has been shown to be highly beneficial to oestrogen levels which stimulate the production of luteinising hormone (LH), which in turn stimulates ovulation?

Lymphatic massage is deeply relaxing but also a very therapeutic form of massage.  It is  both detoxifying & immune-balancing but totally unlike any other form of massage to experience.  It uses specific and repetitive finger movements to gently pump the lymphatic system to help cleanse the body; prepare for conception and pregnancy and is an ideal support tool for both natural and assisted fertility.  I have found that MLD is a good option for  those who enjoy massage, reflexology and far infrared therapies.  Within my clinic I intensify the treatments by warming the lymph before and during the treatment using far infrared therapy – plus I use my Creation Fertility Toolkit alongside it.

11 reasons to consider MLD massage

  1. Encourages detoxification – especially post operative; when preparing for IVF  (pre-fertility cleansing) or  during a pre-pregnancy cleanse.  It is  fantastic support   in between fertility treatments to cleanse the assisted conception trauma and medications. 

2. Stimulate, boost and re-balances the immune system so helpful if you suffer with an auto immune disorder such as thyroid issues, eczema, coeliac, Chron’s and colitis or post intralipid programmes or simply because you need a boost post viral.

3. I have found it very useful to relieve inflammatory conditions including  mastitis and breastfeeding discomfort, bronchitis, sinusitis, ear nose and throat disorders, upper respiratory disorders including asthma, irritable bowel or gut health diseases and disorders,  post baby birthing issues, inflammatory joint pains, sports injuries and helps to calm endometriosis (especially combined with castor oil packs or ginger compresses).

4. It’s anti spasmodic actions helps to relieve menstrual cramps, irritable bowel, constipation and SIBO plus helpful when menstruation is close, ease endometriosis or encourage ovulation  (as discussed above) with sticky eggs, poly cystic ovaries or  poly cystic ovary syndrome  and support post miscarriage.

5. Balancing hormones and regulating menstruation.  I have MLD very useful pre IVF, post IVF failure or if you have suffered a miscarriage.  If you suffer with endometriosis, poly cystic, fibroids, mastitis, fibro cystic breasts and any oestrogen excess/deficient health disorders MLD also helps reduce pain and  helps regulate your cycle.  Of course, a complete health programme would be ideal so always consider a nutrition programme too.

6. Helps reduce chronic pain – especially useful after surgery of if you have any chronic complaint and relieves painful breasts and mastitis and magnificent post baby.

7. It encourages  cellular and tissue regeneration –  including all forms of scar tissue so excellent when you have  undergone  investigative procedures or surgery including a hysteroscopy, colposcopy, biopsy, hysterectomy, laparoscopy, hydrotubation, c-section etc.  I have found MLD combined with far infrared therapy useful as part of a programme to reduce stretch marks and scar tissue and  can be used to reduce unsightly cellulite  too.

8. Pre-egg collection It is a fantastic alternative to reflexology or acupuncture  (I often combine it with fertility abdominal massage or reiki)

9. Reduces water retention  and relieves fluid congestion.  This can be very helpful during  the run up to egg transfer; if you suffer with pre menstrual water retention and during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy or post c-section.  It is very helpful to alleviate swelling in the legs and ankles.

10. Aids towards the reduction of the symptoms of chronic fatigue

11. Calms and restores –  supports you both emotionally and physically.  Excellent therapy if you suffer with anxiety, PMS  or insomnia in any format.  Also very useful during pregnancy.

Before we go on to talk about the lymphatic system here’s a video demonstrating a lymphatic treatment in the far infrared cocoon 

Put simply is the plumbing  system of the body. It contains over 600 collection sites called lymph nodes which form a network running parallel to the blood system, pervading  every tissue in the body. Lymphoid tissue is semi-solid and comprises of  water, fats, proteins, salts, hormones, dead cells, immune system cells and lymphocytes. The job of the lymphocytes is to destroy bacteria, form lymphatic and blood cells and protect against disease.  Essentially, the lymphatic system is a one way closed system which defends the body against attack and cleanses the tissues through drainage but a blocked lymphatic system is a breeding ground for pathogenic material. Due to our sedentary lifestyles,  modern diet,  disease, prescriptive medication,  recurrent viral illnesses and even cosmetic, breast or lymphatic surgery we can develop a sluggish lymphatic system. When this happens we are unable to detox waste efficiently which can result in a build up of  lymphocytes, macrophages, T-cells, B-cells and other infection-fighting material; viruses, fungi and bacteria. Unlike the circulatory system the lymphatic system has no pump; instead it depends on intrinsic contraction of the smooth muscle cells in the walls of the lymph vessels (peristalsis) and the movement of skeletal muscles to  gently propel lymph towards the lymph nodes.  Put simply,  it needs to be massaged and pushed to manoeuvre around the body and re-circulate body fluids,  release hormones and stimulate the immune system!

What affects the Lymphatic System?

Pollution of all forms

Radio active energy including x-rays, MRI’s etc

Antibiotics; intralipids, and other fertility and prescriptive medication

Preservatives in food and cosmetics


Social drugs, vape-ing, nicotine, alcohol etc

By-products of an unhealthy lifestyle including poor food choices, processed and refined foods

Adrenal fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression and worry

Geographic pollutants  including wi-fi, air conditioning, petro-chemicals and city living

Recurrent viral infections and vaccinations

Auto immune diseases including thyroid disorders and chronic illnesses including cancer

Exhaustion and  fatigue

Surgery – cosmetic, assisted reproductive procedures,  dental and much more including Botox

I offer a course of 6  MLD massage treatments for only £350 – that’s an amazing deal as the RRP is £420 (6 x 60 minute treatments).


Justine Evans ND – Fertility Expert & Hormone Alchemist is the Founder of Creation Fertility and its products.  Justine offers a multi dimensional approach to  fertility blending Nutritional Therapy with alchemy and yogic philosophy. Justine  has a wealth of experience, knowledge and understanding in her field. With over 21 years experience,  she is a registered Naturopath with a B.Sc in Nutritional Medicine, healer and  has many body work qualifications including  MLD massage, reflexology, womb yoga and  is also a meditation teacher. Call 07747 133170  for more information.