aside-meditationMeditation is essentially a tool to help calm the mind and find the point of stillness.

There are numerous reasons to include  meditation to your fertility and pregnancy  programme. Here are just a few:

  • Develop a connection with your  uterus and true self
  • Find inner calm
  • Develop a positive fertile mindset
  • Actively support hormonal balance
  • Helps prepare for conception and birth
  • Can support “calling your baby” when trying to conceive
  • Help you connect with your baby during pregnancy
  • Use it as a form of pain management during labour and birth
  • Whatever reason you choose once mastered meditation offers a deep sense of inner peace and balance

There are numerous forms of meditation  – all help to eliminate the stream of “monkey chatter” that crowds the mind, and helps to instigate change to a more positive mindset. I offer various meditation techniques within clinic and also using The Creation Fertility Toolkit for a complete fertility lifestyle

Mindful Breathing: simply focusing on the breath

Posture: connecting with your body

Mantra/Chant: internally repeating a word or saying that resonates with you

Visualisation: Being taken on a journey – led through spoken word.

Mindfulness: Observing and being absorbed into a thought, feeling, reaction, or “doing something” without internal criticism.

Whilst mediation can be practiced independently, within 1-2-1 sessions and group practice  I actively encourage learning meditation within my Fertility Nutrition  and Pregnancy Lifestyle Programmes.  Meditation can also be incorporated into complementary therapy treatments including Massage, Energy Essences, Reiki and Reflexology.

Free Meditations

Downloadable audio meditations are available here on my Free Support page and visualisations are offered  within the Creation Fertility Toolkit

Meditation Fertility Yoga Bracelet

fertility moonstone and carnelian
Creation Fertility Wrist Mala

A 21 bead wrist mala bespoke to Creation Fertility and made from moonstone, silver and carnelian to support your fertility journey.  Mala beads are used to count mala recitations and help you to focus.  Wear the mala on your left (receiving) wrist and take off for meditation.  Hold in left hand with the beads between your index finger and thumb. Each bead marks one recitation of the mantra or affirmation.  These are perfect to wear and  an integral part of the Creation Fertility Guidance Cards. For more information or to purchase a mala look here