It’s the conception card!

Hello there and welcome to this month’s fertility inspiration.  Each month at the new moon I draw cards from the Creation Fertility Toolkit to help maintain your fertility lifestyle – step by step.  Please watch the short video to help you follow this months focus but if you don’t want too then read more …………..

This month I have drawn 2 cards – conception and a mindful meditation card.  In addition  I discuss the benefits of magnesium in your diet.  I shall be sharing another blog about magnesium soon but let us begin.

It’s the Conception card (card 6)

Whilst some of my  previous blogs have focused on setting fertility intentionsovulation awareness and fertility nutrition this month we have hit the jackpot and pulled the Conception card within the Creation Fertility Toolkit.   Wow!  

The conception card is very positive.  It indicates that you have been working hard and the time is right for conception.  We welcome this card for a “true” conception but for some of you it could be better associated with planning your fertility programme and preparing for a pregnancy rather than the conception itself. Don’t forget conception meaning can be associated with planning and devising a project. Either way, drawing the conception card this month is so synchronistic because I offered a  mindful ritual at the summer solstice to help you ground and identify  this  intention.  I love the way that everything is so inter-connected.  Anyway, the emotional quality represented by this card is deep – indicating the time is ripe and encourages us to remain focused.


Conception and Mantra 

The second card for the month is associated with a mindful kundalini mantra. This particular mantra SA TA NA MA  is written in sanskrit  and widely used in yoga, Hinduism and Buddhism.   It’s vibration is believed to grant peace, release negative emotions and thoughts, helps maintain a positive focus and mindset, is energising and helps us to connect with the cycle of life including conception. Being a meditation teacher and trained in well woman yoga I truly believe that Meditation and visualisation help create the perfect environment for conception and pregnancy.  There is increasing research on the benefits of mindfulness and meditation  – research demonstrates that it does help reduce prolactin levels (a stress hormone which reduces your ability to conceive), encourages a positive thought, healthy sleep patterns and oxygenates the whole body which not only reduces cortisol (inflammation and a stress hormone) but also cleanses the body. All of this helps YOU prepare for pregnancy and encourages hormone balance.  From a more esoteric level meditation also helps connect with your inner being, your core and is a form of   “calling your baby”.

Yogapedia explains this mantra Sa Ta Na Ma as 

One of the most ancient mantras

Traditionally used for its uplifting effect

Believed to stimulate the acupressure points in the palate of the mouth when chanting it

The power of this mantra rearranges the sub conscious mind and has the power to break additions and negative thought processes.

Synchronizes the two hemispheres of the brain, balances the five elements in the body &  mind.

Activates the higher chakras and resets the pineal and pituitary glands.

  • Sa — birth, beginning and the totality of the cosmos
  • Ta — life, existence and creativity manifest
  • Na — death and transformation
  • Ma — rebirth, regeneration and consciously experiencing the joy of the Infinite

Mindfully meditate with the chant SA TA NA MA

You can  repeat the chant using hand mudras or mantra beads (I will explain this another day), just listen to the video below or simply use your breath.

Sing – when you need action; to get something done and stop procrastinating!

Whisper  –  to calm and connect with your inner mind

Silent repetition –  honouring the spiritual voice and activating your intuition.

4 Part Energizing Breath Meditation

This is a great way to start  using mantra.  If you do this exercise daily for the month of July I am sure  you will feel the benefits.  It  helps relax and energize.

How to do it. Sit straight.  Take a moment to settle and connect with the present moment.  You may even want to say “I am taking a moment for calm”.  Now place the palms together at the heart center with the fingers pointing up. Focus at the brow point with eyelids lightly closed. Inhale, breaking the breath into 4 equal parts of sniffs, filling the lungs completely on the 4th.  As you exhale, release the breath equally in 4 parts, emptying the lungs on the 4th. Once you have settled into this breath draw you awareness to your tummy button/womb cente area.  On each part of both the inhale and exhale, pull the navel point toward the spine. (The stronger you pump the navel the more energy you will generate.) One full breath cycle (in and out) takes about 7-8 seconds. Continue for 2-3 minutes.

Now, let’s go deeper.  Try adding the mantra Sa -Ta – Na – Ma mentally on both the inhale and the exhale.

If you press the hands very hard, and do it vigorously, 1 minute will recharge you. If you are feeling anxious or confused maintain the mantra for 5 minutes but if you have time I recommend you repeat it 21 times. You may find it helpful to use the Creation fertility bracelet to count your repititions.

To end, inhale deeply, press the palms together with force for 10-15 seconds. Create a tension in the whole body by pressing as hard as you can. Hold as long as possible. Exhale powerfully and repeat the inhale, hold, press. Exhale, relax and allow the tension in the body to vanish.

If you need rest, immediately lie on the back with the eyes closed and relax for 2-5 minutes. Take a few deep breaths, stretch, and you will be ready for action.

Listen or sing along

If you are not feeling a connection to this chant but are still interested in the concept of mindfulness then here are some simple alternatives and led audio meditations to introduce you to calmness.  The first is a 17 minute breathing and grounding meditation, the second (15 minutes) a visualisation to help open the heart centre for new beginnings and finally a 13 minute led meditation focusing on womb breathing and connecting with your womb centre.

Begin by sitting or lying quietly  in a place where you feel comfortable and will not be disturbed.  You may wish to place your hands on your lower abdomen – the sacral centre, also known as the yoni, this is the area between your pelvic bone and naval.  Trying To Conceive

Simple Visualisation:  Place your hands on your sacral area as demonstrated. Now inhale deeply, pushing this oxygenating breath down into the reproductive area, the uterus, womb and fallopian tubes.  As you inhale, notice how the breath as if by magic becomes the colour of carnelian – a deep orange – bringing warmth and vibrancy to the area.  As you exhale – imagine that you are releasing stagnant energy.  Take another deep breath into your belly and repeat the process.


Breathing and grounding meditation

Heart Opening

Womb breathing

Additional meditations and visualisations can be found within my blogs including chanting and fertility

Trying to conceiveFertility Yoga

You may wish to listen or enjoy the meditations with this fertility boosting yoga pose from Muriel Mueller  of MuMuYoga. This week Muriel offers legs up the wall and feet together up the wall to support implantation.  This pose helps to release stress locked in the lower back, and, when practiced right after sex, it encourages the sperm to penetrate deeper into the female reproductive organs.  Muriel recommends you place a folded towel underneath your tailbone  for comfort.  Remember your tailbone should tilt toward the ceiling so that the pubic bone is pointing upward. Your shoulders, arms, and head should be resting on the floor (as shown). Once you are in the correct pelvic position, allow the legs to relax by bending the knees allowing the abdominal and pelvic floor to relax completely.  You can stay in this position for at least 20 minutes.

Creation Fertility ToolkitCreation Fertility Toolkit

The Creation Fertility Toolkit  supports the fertility journey  on an emotional physical and energetic level.  Easy to use it includes affirmation and visualisations and complements fertility nutrition, meditation, reflexology and yoga beautifully. Each toolkit connects with nature and helps you to become baby-ready. By drawing a guidance card weekly or daily you will be follow a fertility diet, learn to meditate, support your emotions whilst remaining focused and calm.    Within the Creation Fertility Toolkit  you receive a pack of  Creation Fertility inspirational guidance cards (42 cards), a bottle of Creation Essence,  a pair of Shiva Lingam sacred stones, a Mookaite  tumble stone and a  Creation Wrist Mala.


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