It’s all about balance

It’s all about balance

Apologies for my sideways video!  My technical knowledge is poor and I just can’t seem to turn it around this month! So – evidently I am out of balance!

As I pulled the #fertilityinspiration cards from the Creation Fertility Toolkit at the final new moon for 2019(December 26th 2019) I smiled.

Card 19: BALANCE.  What a fantastic card to focus on as we say goodbye to 2019 and welcome 2020 into our lives.

This card has turned up twice during 2019 –   May and now December.  2019 has been turbulent for many of us and I am welcoming a return to BALANCE.

So – it’s all about balance this month.  So how can we use this card to support reproductive well being?  Well – here are some suggestions for you:

  1. The infinity symbol (sometimes called the  lemniscate meaning “ribbon”) is a sacred symbol representing the concept of infinity.  It is contained within our cells and the basic structure of our genes. It is in the double helix of the strands of our DNA, a continuous chain of figures-of-eight.

If you look at the symbol you can see that it is a sideways figure of eight and we draw it as one continuous movement – with no ending or beginning.    It holds the idea of infinite possibilities and natural BALANCE which is where we are going with this month’s fertility and hormone balancing lifestyle guidance.

It’s all about balance – let’s include some infinity exercises

  1. Use the infinity symbol  as an analytical tool to  assess your PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL well being.

You will need a pen and a sheet of paper plus about 15 minutes of your time!

  1. On your paper draw 2 infinity symbols or print off the template below.  If you are drawing them then draw as a continuous flow – going over the sign 8 times. Make them large (alternatively print off the template)  Label one Physical and the other Emotional.
  2. First of all let’s explore physical imbalances. Before we begin let us consider these balancing questions:



  1. In the left side of the symbol write down any reproductive physical health issues you may be experiencing. (I know; I am all about hormones but in truth you can focus on any presenting issues in your life)  Examples are  PMT, conception, hot flushes, weight gain,  abdominal fat, miscarriage, diabetes, breast cysts, acne, hair loss, endometriosis, fibrocystic breast,  finance, insomnia, constipation, digestion, smoking, drug abuse, alcohol etc.   Take a moment.

Before you complete any more let me ask you this


  1. Take  your time – there is  no rush but consider what is needed to bring it back into balance and write this into the right side of the symbol – nourishment, better food choices, more water, quality rather than quantity,
  2. Now let’s repeat the exercise working with the emotional. Turn your paper over!

Let’s begin with these questions



  1. Take a moment- there is no rush but probably something will bounce into your mind and help you identify any emotional imbalances. Maybe there’s over work,  frustration, anxiety, finance restrictions, grief, depression, partner issues, loneliness, fear, stress, lack of confidence or self esteem, self-neglect or something different.  You can either write many or choose one.  Personally, I think one at a time works best for me but this is your exercise so do what suits you.
  2. Before you complete any more let me ask you this HOW CAN YOU RETURN TO BALANCE? Take a moment and consider what is needed to bring it back into balance and write this into the right side of the symbol – maybe it’s time to make a time line for a step by step approach, perhaps you need some counselling or mentoring, more fun or better self care,

So now we have identified a few aspects it’s time to make a plan.  Here are some more ideas for you.

Cleanse and re-balance with my 3 day winter vegan cleanse.

Friday 10th January 2020  and complete on Sunday January 12th 2020.  Will you be joining me? 

Let me help you restore to balance gently and begin 2020 positively; boosting your reproductive wellbeing.

This cleanse is suitable for most of you and will help if you

Have always wanted to try a cleanse.

Suffer with menstrual irregularities

are preparing for pregnancy or assisted conception

are supporting sperm health,

trying to conceive around Christmas

or requiring a cleansing post IVF  or miscarriage cleanse

(Please do not attend this cleanse if you have just received confirmation of a pregnancy or during an assisted conception procedure).

Traditional medicine does not consider the colder winter months suitable for cleansing but after Christmas and New Year most people feel  cold, heavy, lethargic, sluggish, tired, bloated and depleted.  In Ayuvedic terms we call this “Kapha”.  With this in mind, this super short cleanse acts as a “pick me up”  to restore a little balance!    It’s  “Justine style”, not specifically Ayuvedic  and VEGAN using warming seasonal foods and cleansing Kriya breaths.

Buy your cleanse HERE!  New recipes with plenty of on line support

Print off returning to balance  template here 

To make an appointment call Justine on 07747 133170

It’s all about balance – using the infinity symbol for healing:

  1. When we need something, for example, peace and love in our lives, we can draw an infinity symbol and inscribe these two words in each of the loops. A single loop can contain more than one concept. The lemniscate will bring dynamism and balance to whatever is important or of interest to us. It will help us to find harmony and equilibrium in every way, bringing balance to opposing forces.
  2. The infinity symbol can also provide help with healing. By visualizing or drawing the lemniscate as a symbol, we can use it on any part of the body where balance and harmony are needed. If we feel under the weather, we can write the word “health” on an infinity symbol and carry it with us.
  3. The infinity symbol is often engraved on wedding rings, symbolizing everlasting love but it can be used to restore harmony in problematic relationships, restoring the connection to promote peaceful relationships. Picture yourself in one of the two loops and the other person in the other loop. In your mind, keep tracing around the infinity sign that now links you together until you feel that everything has reached an equilibrium and any negative emotions or thoughts have been laid to rest again. If you are arguing with your partner, mentally place yourself in one loop and your partner in the other. Keep tracing around the line of the symbol in your thoughts until you feel a harmonious connection.
  4. You can also use the infinity symbol to help make decisions. Draw a figure-of-eight on a piece of paper and write one option in one loop and the other option in the second loop. Then take a pen and trace along the infinity symbol until you feel better. Repeat this tracing exercise for a few days until a way of approaching a solution emerges. The infinity symbol, a closed loop with no beginning and no end, can provide you with unlimited energy if you find yourself in a debilitating situation.


Justine Evans ND – Hormone Alchemist  and fertility expert connects life with natural cycles and seasons, integrating Western science with Fertility Nutrition traditional medicine and yogic philosophy. A Registered Naturopath, Nutritional therapist, Reiki Master/ Teacher, well women yoga therapist  and much more Justine is the founder of Creation Fertility and it’s products.  She runs a private hormone health and fertility clinic in Surrey, London.