Heart opening yoga

Heart opening yoga is so beneficial for all forms of well-being including fertility.  If you follow me regularly you know I LOVE yoga and this month  alongside my new moon guidance   where I invited you to enjoy 3 meditations to Relax  and support your fertility I am now including a heart opening yoga practice.

This heart opening yoga sequence takes about 25 minutes and encourages deep relaxation whilst connecting you  with Lakshmi energy (as discussed during my new moon guidance).  We can send deep gratitude to my beautiful friend Abra Willis  from yogamakesyouhappy.co.uk who has kindly gifted us with this asana practice.

Heart opening yoga

Remember this months new moon guidance invites you to

commit to spending some time in relaxation daily.  This may be challenging at first but take it day by day and enjoy the ride as you learn how to relax once more to create balance and invite new beginnings into your life. I have shared 3 audio meditations for this month here

Connect with yin energy and Lakshmi – creating kindness with words and actions.  Enjoy this YIN heart opening yoga practice which is both grounding and self healing.

Consider joining us next year for a yoga holiday! 


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Disclaimer: yoga is not suitable for everyone so please confirm with a  professionally qualified yoga therapist if this asana practice is suitable for you.  Justine Evans ND is a  fertility expert, registered naturopath and nutritional therapist.  Her opinions are personal and should not be considered advice.  Justine  does not accept any responsibility towards your health through reading this blog.  If you have any concerns about your health please receive the advice of a health professional before applying any changes to your lifestyle programme