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Prepare for a Baby and Maximise Your Fertility Potential


Creation Fertility helps you to conceive and have a healthy baby by integrating Nutritional Science with Eastern Philosophy. 

Fertility Nutrition with Fertility Expert Justine Evans ND helps you prepare for pregnancy, encourage hormonal balance and restore nutrient imbalances. It has been shown to assist egg health and sperm production, regulate ovulation, encourage healthy womb lining, fertilisation and  support underlying hormonal conditions such as ovulation and cycle irregularities, unexplained infertility and assist  IVF conception procedures. Fertility Nutrition can also help regulate hormonal imbalances including endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS and recurrent miscarriage. Changes to your diet, removing 21st century stress factors, environmental and physical toxins, addressing some lifestyle issues and encouraging a positive thought pattern can have a significant and positive effect on not only your ability to conceive but your own and your future babies health.

Why add Health Screening?

Asyra Health Screening is one of the world’s most advanced health screening systems. Using modern technology it uses non invasive electro-dermal screening to assess your fertility health and tests for nutrient imbalances, food sensitivities, environmental toxins, geopathic stress, pollutants, food sensitivities and hormonal health.  The Asyra collects electrical signatures which is then analysed and  shown on a computer screen. Supplements and energetic remedies can also be tested to help restore balance to your body. Further functional testing and laboratory tests are also offered and often advised.


Prepare for Pregnancy / Assisted Conception:

Bespoke Fertility Programmes devised by Justine Evans ND – Fertility Expert

Whether you are looking for a one-off Discovery and Gold Strategy Consultation to assess fertility health or wish to commit to a 3 month Creating the Perfect Environment or Trying to Conceive  Programme  Creation Fertility’s bespoke protocols include  AsyraPro™ Health Screening to tailor make a Fertility Nutrition and Lifestyle Protocol  to assist your personal fertility journey. The programmes also include The Create Health Recipe Book with an option of complementary therapies. Prices start from £150.  For a detailed description see Nutrition Programmes

If you are interested in attending one of my talks on Preparing Your Body for Pregnancy or During Pregnancy please see Nutrition Natters

During Pregnancy: Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy helps you choose correct dietary choices during your pregnancy. Whilst it is not essential to “eat for two”, your diet needs to support the growing needs of your developing baby. Complementary therapies such as maternity reflexology, massage, Reiki and meditation add additional support throughout the three trimesters of pregnancy and prepares you for the birth of your baby.

Post Birth: Once you have had your baby it is important to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet. Creation offers bespoke sensible eating plans and a naturopathic recovery programmes to maintain energy levels, milk production, regulate hormonal balance and support post-birth health.

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