aside-footReflexology works on the principle that points in the hands and feet correspond to organs with the body. By applying pressure to the foot ,  similar to “acupressure” nerve endings in the feet send signals to the central nervous system and corresponding parts of the body or organ being touched.  At Creation Fertility, Justine Evans ND, Fertility Expert provides her signature treatments which include the use of her exclusive Creation Fertility Guidance Cards with a meditation or visualisations, Energy Essences, Energy Oils and Aromatherapy.  Please remember whether you are Preparing for Baby, Trying to Conceive or are Pregnant  Justine’s signature reflexology  treatments are personalised to suit you and can be combined with Massage or Reiki.

You may wish to consider  Fertility Nutrition, Nutrition Natters, Asyra Health Screening or Coaching

Fertility Reflexology

Prepares the body for pregnancy. Whether you wish to use it as a stand alone therapy or incorporate it with Fertility Nutrition it can be used to address hormonal imbalances and supports all forms of assisted conception procedures. Fertility reflexology naturally encourages conception by focusing on the endocrine system which helps to identify ovulation. By including  Creation Fertility Guidance Cards,  visualisations and energy oils fertility reflexology encourages a positive mind set and eases the stress and anxiety often associated with trying to conceive.

Fertility MOT

ProgrammeIncludes Fees
Prepare for pregnancy - Fertility MOT Identify and cleanse. Initial 90 minute consultation + 45 minute follow up appointment to prepare you and your body before pregnancy. £250.00
£400.00 if partners attending together
Trying to ConceiveThis consultation includes the Fertility MOT plus 6 signature complementary therapies and the Fertility MOT follow up appointment. That's 8 support appointments £550.00
The Pregnancy ProgrammeNow you are pregnant ensure you eat properly. Nutritional pregnancy programme£150.00
Pregnancy TherapiesCourse of 6 signature complementary pregnancy therapies £320.00

Pregnancy Reflexology

Supports both you and your baby during the 2nd and 3rd trimester, preparing the body for birth. Reflexology encourages your baby to lie in the right position, and helps to ease uncomfortable symptoms such as fluid retention, heart burn, sleeping disorders, back ache and hormonal disturbances through the pregnancy. It is also very successful in the treatment of a wide variety of conditions, including turning breech babies and the induction of labour.

Creation Fertility offers Pregnancy Courses  for each Trimester!   Phone  Justine Evans ND, Fertility Expert on 07747 133170 to make an appointment now!

 Labour Reflexology

A fantastic support for you during labour – powerful  relaxation aid and pain relief. I offer a service at your local hospital and at your home.  Please call me to discuss your requirements.

Post-Natal Reflexology

An excellent therapy for breastfeeding problems including maintaining or increasing milk supply, restores hormonal equilibrium, offers relaxation and supports postnatal depression. Can also be incorporated into nutrition programmes.

Appointments are available week days, late night Wednesday (last appointment 7.30pm) and 1 Saturday per month.

Call 07747 133170 to discuss or make an appointment