Fertility Massage

aside-candlesMassage compliments all fertility journeys. My fertility expertise includes signature treatments specifically designed for you blending Lymphatic drainage, Swedish, Hawaiian, Indian Head and Thai Foot. I include Far Infrared Thermal Treatment (FITT)* (*not during pregnancy) to encourage drainage, cell rejuvenation and to warm the womb in preparation for pregnancy. I use them alongside Energy Essences and Creation Fertility Essence and Creation Fertility Guidance Cards in addition to aromatic massage oils to support emotional well being. My signature massage treatments can be combined with programmes such as  Fertility Nutrition ,  Nutrition Natters ,  Asyra Health Screening , Energy Essences, Meditation and Coaching or blended with  Reiki, Reflexology or  Pregnancy Courses

Fertility Massage. Massage can support you when preparing for pregnancy or trying to conceive. Lymphatic massage is particularly beneficial post failed IVF or miscarriage by encouraging detoxification, supports immune regulation, regulates hormonal balance and the monthly cycle (including reducing PMS and painful breast symptoms). Massage is relaxing, balancing and encourages a good supply of blood circulation throughout the body but particularly over the pelvis and abdomen to warm the womb during ovulation. I tend to work these days combining treatments so they are truly bespoke.

Fertility Massage Healing – treatments either 1 hour or 2 hour treatments and include a selection of techniques which includes massage, healing, sound therapy and womb wrapping. 

Post Natal Massage. Once you have had your baby a soothing post-natal massage together with FITT helps to boost a depleted immune system, lose the baby fat, tone muscle and alleviate fluid retention. It can also be used to reduce stretch marks, reduce inflammation post surgery, post birth or miscarriage, Mastitis can be relieved, back-ache reduced, hormones rebalanced and “baby blues” calmed. Massage promotes deep relaxation

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