Fertility mantra

Fertility mantra

We haven’t discussed  the use of fertility mantra for a while but these beautiful and powerful mantras can be a great asset to your fertility journey. Whilst you may feel a little self conscious to begin, once you get the hang of chanting and kirtan you will really appreciate how mantra chant resonates at a deep level and supports fertility.

So let’s talk about little more about specific fertility mantra.  When I was guided to develop the creation fertility toolkit and creation fertility guidance cards I knew that Eastern mantra, sound and vibration was an important part of the fertility programme and must be included, but, I admit, I was a little nervous about western functional society & whether they would appreciate it or use it. However, mantra chant is a fundamental part of yogic philosophy, and when it comes to fertility it is more than just a useful tool – mantra chant is so soothing. It encourages focus, a positive mindset & helps “call your baby”.  Mantras are traditionally chanted rather than to sung to music (this is kirtan) and mostly written in Sanskrit. Whilst sanskrit is no longer spoken it is still widely used in yoga, Hinduism and Buddhism. The alphabet of the language is said to be inscribed upon the petals of the chakras, giving it the title of “language of the chakras” or “Divine language” which I think is beautiful.

What is calling your baby?

Calling your baby using mantra and fertilityFor me, calling your baby is multi dimensional. I suppose it is intention and you can “call your baby” in many formats; functionally using nutritional therapy and a fertility diet to prepare your body for pregnancy or committing to a course of fertility treatment.  From a more esoteric level you may connect with lunar energy,  natural therapies ,  fertility crystals or opt for  mantra and chant.   This blog considers calling your baby using mantra for fertility.   Mantra chants are powerful tools for clearing and restructuring  the subconscious mind and help to release known and unconscious blockages such as past trauma (e.g. miscarriage, termination or post failed assisted conception procedure) in addition they really help “lift the spirits”.  I suppose they could be considered similar to prayer. They can also be used to connect with womb wisdom and a deity or goddess. Within clinic practice I have found that many of my clients resonate with these chants nd I actively teach them how to connect with their sacral chakra and womb centre itself. If you are drawn to yogic philosophy or attend a yoga class you may be used to chanting – such as the primal sound of Aum (also written as Om) and therefore you may already use  sound and vibration to align and open the chakras & heart centre.  Traditional Eastern wisdom believes sound and mantra  connects with the soul of your future baby – thus “calling your baby”, easing its passage to your womb.

Creation Fertility Guidance Cards InstructionsAnd so when I developed the  creation fertility guidance cards I chose 4 specific chants that I felt resonated with fertility and were easy to learn. Here is a little more about them.

Fertility Mantra

The first is Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung – in Sanskrit this means “I am infinite universal energy “

Ra is sun, Ma is moon energy, Da is earth energy, Sa infinity (universal energy) and Hung is infinite.  When you put this all together is connects us all consciously as one. I recommend you say the mantra 21 times per day, using the creation fertility wrist mala to count the chants. but if you feel this is too hard for you right now, then you can always listen to the chant  until you feel ready to chant.  Here is a beautiful rendition by  Snatum Kaur  RaMaDaSaSaSaySoHung


The second fertility mantra I recommend is Sa Ta Na Ma Mantra.

This  kirtan kriya mantra is associated with the cycle of creation and supports hormonal balance.  It is believed that the power of this mantra rearranges the subconscious mind and has the power to break habits and addictions.

Sa in the beginning, infinity

Ta is life, existence and creativity that manifests from infinity

Na is death, change and the transformation of consciousness

Ma is rebirth, regeneration and resurrection which allows us to consciously experience the joy of the infinite.

Here is a simple version for you to listen to  performed by Tera Naam 

Sa Ta Na Ma mantra


The third fertility mantra I have included in Sat Kar Tar mantra

Wrist mala made from moonstone and carnelianThis chant  is heart opening and literally means being open to unconditional love. It is an easy mantra to learn and chant to. I recommend you count the chants using a  wrist mala or if you really find it hard then listen to this  heart meditation or the mantra below.

The mala is used to count mantra recitations.  The goal is to feel the mala beads with the fingers, recite the mantra and visualise the outcome at the same time.  To use the mala hold it gently in you left hand (receiving) with the beads between your index finger and thumb.  Start counting with the first bead. Each bead marks one recitation of the mantra and affirmation.  Each round of the mala offers 21 recitations. Then wear the mala on your left wrist to maintain the connection.

Full instructions are provided when you purchase the Creation fertility toolkit  or the creation fertility wrist mala


Listen and purchase the mantra  sung by Sat Katar Kaur from this link

Sat Kar Tar


The final fertility mantra that creation fertility guidance cards use is a mantra associated with Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva mantra for fertilityOm Namaha Shivay –

This mantra connects with  Hinduism and Lord Shiva.  Lord Shiva is a personification of  consciousness said to be male, whilst Shakti is a generic term for feminine power.   The intention to maintain during the chant is that all should become perfect in his or her own way.  In some parts of India women chant to Lord Shiva on a monday and pour water and milk on the fertility crystals shiva lingams.  Lord Shiva is believed to bless us with the precious gift of true love, stable family life and wonderful children.  He is considered kind, protective, devoid of ego and arrogance and a great destroyer of all that no longer serves.   It is for this reason that I associate this fertility as particularly appropriate during the two week wait.   Here is a Krishna Das version for you to listen to.  It is wonderful

Krishna Das – Om Namaha Shivay


Justine Evans Founder of Creation FertilityJustine Evans ND is a hormone alchemist and fertility expert based on the  London/Surrey borders.  She is the founder of Creation Fertility and developed the Creation Fertility Toolkit to help you become baby ready, integrating western science with eastern philosophy.  To arrange a personal fertility consultation using nutritional medicine, natural therapies and traditional lunar wisdom call 07747 133170

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