Fertility intentions

Fertility intentions are a fantastic approach to any fertility journey.  With each womb bleed many women struggle with that definitive truth that their menstrual blood confirms that they are not pregnant this cycle.  Whether you  connect with the lunar cycle (i.e. work with new moon energy) or prefer to work with your womb bleed  today I am showing you how to set fertility intentions monthly and maintain your focus and a positive  mindset.   

Using Creation fertility inspiration guidance cards  I drew a card as we approached this month’s new moon (Friday January 24th 2020).  It was  number 26.  The New Moon.  What a coincidence……

How to work with fertility intentions!

Step 1: Fertility Intentions
Simply take some time out.  Breathe and let the day go.   Perhaps you would like to begin with a Yoni steam or maybe you are too busy.  However you wish to begin is up to you but I advise you to settle into this moment and don’t rush.  Perhaps you would like to light a candle, burn some Creation Essence or aromatherapy oil and turn your phone off.  This is your time to focus on this fertility cycle and plan your month to support conception.

If you are working with your womb bleed may I suggest you take a moment and focus on your womb centre.  Acknowledge that your bleed ensures that you are preparing you for another chance for fertilisation and pregnancy.  Send some heart felt gratitude to your uterus and self. Blessed be.

If you are connecting with the New moon then take a moment to connect with the darkness of the 5 days around the New moon.  This is the time for setting intentions, new beginnings and a time for dreams, sensitivity, quiet and reflection.


Step 2: Fertility Intentions.  Now complete the New moon reflective practice template below. 

Creation Fertility Guide to womb bleed and new moon reflective practice

Step 3.  Fertility Intentions.

How to complete: 

a) Begin with the left hand column.  The Present.  Identify  where you presently are in your menstrual/fertility cycle and emotionally how you feel.  Take some time – there is no rush.  Just write it down.  

b) Now  let us consider some support.  Focusing on the middle column read down the list of suggestions.  What areas, if any, will help you work towards your dream of a positive conception during  the next 28 day cycle?  Do 1 or 2 resonate with you?  Circle or highlight these or add something more pertinent to your personal fertility journey.  

c) Setting Intentions.  Now  focus on the third column.  Decision time!  Write down 1-4 areas that you feel you could focus on this month. Be careful not to overload yourself; it is better to concentrate on 1 thing and do it well than 4 and feel overwhelmed!    

Here are some examples: You are feeling stressed and a complementary therapy would help.  Opt for reflexology or sacral abdominal massage and book a treatment  from day 5 – around ovulation to support a healthy ovulation and possibly conception.  Maybe you recognise that you have not been drinking enough water – so buy a glass bottle and set your fertility intention to drink 2 litres per day.  Perhaps you could focus on eating well or seeing a fertility nutritionist.  Perhaps none are appropriate so maybe opt for an assisted conception open evening or learn to relax using meditatation and visualisation!   Maybe you need some Reiki and angel guidance. 

Whatever you decide is up to you.  Now place this template within your sacred space, handbag or anywhere where you can look at it daily to maintain focus and fertility intention.    Repeat this exercise monthly.

hat is the significance of a new moon? 

“New moon” energy lasts about 5 days and represents “new beginnings” and indicates the beginning of a new 28 day lunar cycle.  Around this time many women seek a period of solace and quiet contemplation.  Our bodies sometimes feel bloated and our moods swing.   The moon controls the element of water – tides, seas, the natural seasons, births and deaths and the monthly cycle within a women’s uterus!

This beautiful picture has been drawn by Creation Fertility artist Sam Foreman and prints plus  gift cards of this new moon image are available Set of 8 Goddess cards

Our own inner rhythm is attuned to a universal sense of timing. Guided by the rising and setting of the moon, changes in temperature, and our own internal rhythm, we know when it is time to sleep, eat, procreate or be active. While our minds and spirits take time to focus and connect with the moon we can work with intention and natural cycles.

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Justine Evans ND is a Registered Naturopath,  Degree qualified nutritional therapist and the founder of Creation Fertility. She developed the Creation Fertility Toolkit,  and refers to herself as a Hormone Alchemist.  Justine connects life with natural cycles and seasons, integrating Western  nutritional science with traditional healing  &  alchemy. Justine  has been connecting with “Spirit” for many years, is a Usui and Seichem Reiki Master/ Teacher, works with Goddess energy and  and runs a private Women’s Natural Health and Fertility Clinic in  Twickenham in the London Borough of Richmond and also Stroud, Gloucestershire.  Contact her on 07747 133170