Fertility exercise and dance

Hello there and welcome to this month’s fertility focus – helping you build a hormone happy & fertility lifestyle step by step.  This month I have drawn 3 cards from the  Creation Fertility Toolkit and focus on their guidance.

The cards for June 2019 are  Card 18. Nourish

Card 23. Organic foods  (which also was drawn in March of this year)  and

Card 20.  Exercise and Stretch.

This month I am combining  all 3 cards to support you.  Here is this month’s video but if you don’t have time to watch it then scroll down and read on.

June's new moon hormone and lifestyle reading

Posted by Creation-Healing on Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Let’s begin with June’s Focus

First of all let me invite you to my fabulous Summer cleanse which begins June 20th for 7 days.   By drawing the cards Nourish and Organic foods we are being reminded of the importance of  eating healthily and caring for ourselves from the inside out.  Please click on the link to find out more about my summer cleanse but essentially it’s time to  release; detox; cleanse the lower chakra’s (root, sacral and solar plexus) and calm your nervous system for 7 days using fresh organic ingredients and  experiencing a fully led 3 day juice fast with me.  All you need is a blender or juicer and a few ingredients for the first 3 days but I provide recipes, all juicing ingredients for you and their delivery.

Join my Summer Cleanse here


Fertility exercise and dance

Exercise and Stretch Our second focus for this month connects with our physical bodies and meta-physical emotion. Did you know you store emotions in your physical organs?   So this month we are releasing stored emotions and trauma using fertility exercise and dance.  Let’s bring some much needed oxygen to the reproductive organs, have some fun, enjoy some well woman yoga, chakra dance, bellydance, bio-danza,  Bollywood and any other forms of dance which makes your heart & uterus sing. I honestly believe  that all fertility health programmes  should consider exercise to promote  reproductive wellbeing, ovulation and support conception!



5 approaches to fertility exercise and dance 

Dancing is a great way to connect with your inner feelings, clear energy through music, get fit, tone your reproductive system, balance hormones, reduce uncomfortable menstrual symptoms and release negative thoughts.

1. Belly Dancing:

I have recently been introduced to belly dancing.  All I can say is that it brings a smile to my face and sacral chakra.  It makes you laugh, boosts self-confidence; releases stored up  emotion, frustration, guilt, blame, creativity, sexual expression and sorrow.  If you are trying to conceive, recovering from negative assisted conception or miscarriage, sexual trauma, are peri-menopausal, want to shape up or just don’t feel sexy then I recommend you try this!  There are some amazing classes and you tube demonstrations so  try it! Whilst I wouldn’t recommend it post “transfer” it physically supports reproductive health; increases blood circulation and strengthens uterine wellbeing.

  • Really good exercise but at the same time so feminine – everyone loves to shimmy!
    • The costumes — you will love wearing a coin belt!
    • It’s low impact and there are loads of different forms and classes ( Gypsy, Tribal, Persian, Egyptian, Turkish)

2. Bio-Danza:

Today I danced without a care and every cell knows now exactly what it has to share.

Biodanza is a form of dance movement to music.  It’s aim is to re-unite  mind and body.

  • Supports self-confidence
  • Improves serotonin and helps you feel more joy and happiness in life
  • Encourages deeper connection with  yourself, others & nature
  • Helps release past trauma, wounds and hurts
  • Enhances sensitivity and sensuality
  • Dissolves tensions in the body
  • Encourages you to become more creative, expressive, open and alive

3. Bollywood:  

Bollywood dancing owes its roots to Indian culture and uses a combination of folk, jazz, salsa, Arabic and street. Bollywood dancing boosts coordination and rhythm –  this form of dancing is so much FUN!  It is safe when you are trying to conceive, helps you develop natural rhythm;  strengthens your coordination but is still an amazing mindful form of movement. It tones key muscle groups; helps you loosen up, remain flexible, oxygenates the pelvic basin including your fallopian tubes and eases ovulation plus it helps relax your body. It is also a great way to help you forget your worries and blow any anxiety away. It’s upbeat and for everyone so take yourself, your partner or friends  on a date night, and enjoy yourselves.

fertility exercise and dance4. Chakra Dancing:  Do you realise that our bodies remember every one of our life experiences good or bad?  It’s time to release old emotional baggage through intuitive chakra dancing. Chakra dancing  helps re-harmonise by releasing tension and emotional stress, free up the natural flow of energy, chi/prana and balance the seven major energy centres/chakras.  Chakra dance uses dynamic moving meditations set to music specifically created to resonate vibrationally to specific areas of the body and the endocrine system. Try it – you won’t be disappointed!

5. 5 Rhythms: is a form of  dance and movement meditation practice created by Gabrielle Roth.  Through working through the 5 Rhythms  (flowing, saccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness) it forms a wave of movement to restore harmony. Working with moon energy I have found both chakra dancing and 5 rhythms integrates well with the menstrual flow and fertility tension.

How how much exercise is required and why?  Are there times during the  menstrual cycle when you shouldn’t exercise? What about during assisted conception?

According to Preconception weekly, exercise and (in)fertility are linked.  Too much exercise can affect estrogen levels, the menstrual cycle  and influence sperm production and mobility.  It can swing the other way too –  too little exercise has  the same effects.

Fertility Exercise – why?  

Exercise helps everyone maintain a healthy weight and metabolic rate.  Fertility exercise oxygenates the body, removes toxins, encourages ovulation and  helps to maintain flexibility to the uterus and fallopian tubes.  It supports a good nights sleep and helps  depression, anxiety, and hormonal balance. Like complementary therapies  fertility exercise helps release endorphins, serotonin and other relax promoting stress hormones,  which will naturally encourage hormone balance and your ability to conceive.  Several hours before ovulation, the pituitary gland normally sends out a surge of LH (leutenising hormone)  which causes the ovary’s follicle to release an egg.  Stress can signal the pituitary gland that your body is in trouble, which slows the release of LH, which may then disrupt ovulation.  Even if ovulation occurs, a shortage of LH could mean a shortage of progesterone, which is necessary to nourish and sustain a fertilized egg.

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A 2007 article in “Obstetrics and Gynecology” states that combining a healthy diet, exercise and weight management can lead to a 69% lower chance of ovulatory disorder infertility than women who do not subscribe to these lifestyle changes.

PregnancySuccessful pregnancy depends on the delicately timed release of 4 reproductive hormones in addition to other factors such as weight, too much exercise, too little iron, vitamin D and other nutrients, environmental toxins, STRESS, low immunity,  – all or any of these can throw the sequence out of whack.  Research is finding that everything matters – and balance is key.  Download The Creation Fertility Diet


Yoga for Fertility 

I am an advocate of yoga and have trained in womb yoga.  I believe yoga is the ideal fertility exercise throughout the  journey to parenthood. Yoga oxygenates and stretches the mind and body whilst building strength, balance, endurance, and muscle tone.  Another bonus – it helps you relax . Muriel from MuMuYoga  agrees with me here.  So much so, she has kindly provided a series of fertility yoga  poses for  Creation Fertility , the first are within my blog Trying to conceive.   Muriel’s philosophy is simple, make time to stretch and relax to remove tensions, stress and emotional barriers to free up the body and mind. This can open up the pathways to conception and healthy pregnancy. The benefits of yoga can be felt straight away after a few poses but to have a feeling of long lasting well-being and the desired effects, commitment and regular practice is mandatory

fertility cat cow pose cat and cow yoga pose for fertilityCat /Cow yoga pose increases blood flow to reproductive organs and energy in the pelvis, releasing deeply held tensions in the pelvic area, massages all internal organs including reproductive organs, calms the nervous system
bridge fertility yoga pose



Bridge pose aids conception by releasing inner tensions in chest, abdomen and pelvis and opens up and expands the front body, improves circulation and better flow to the reproductive organs, effects hormonal balance positively.

cobra fertility yoga poseCobra pose removes stagnancy in the back and opens up lungs and chest hereby increasing blood flow to the the pelvis and reproductive organs, massages the belly.




Are you a team player?

badminton and fertilityThere’s no reason to give up non contact forms of exercise whilst trying to conceive, such as  tennis, badminton & netball because they offer short bursts of intense movement over a period of a game.  They support your mental health too – sharing time with friends and team players, consciously working towards a goal and hopefully encouraging laughter and positive thoughts but stretch and oxygenate and providing they are played outside encourage vitamin D absorption – a must for fertility


running and fertilityIf you’re a runner or cyclist:

Fantastic forms of exercise providing they are MODERATE or Low IMPACT. Remember,   excessive cycling can raise body temperature in the groin area — and that can decrease sperm production and sperm count. Lycra is a particular concern in terms of male-factor infertility because of the tight-fitting training clothes.  Also remember if you cycle there will be constant, prolonged contact between the saddle and the testicles so read Supporting Sperm Health to encourage the correct fertility exercise

Don’t start new activites such as horseriding, scuba diving and contact sports during this time!

Don’t overtrain!

Testicles remain at a temperature of 96 degrees but through over-training they may become too warm.  This can lead to sperm dysfunction –  low sperm count, motility and possibly poor sperm morphology.

Women who over train can suffer with reduced ovulation and oligomenorrhea (no menstruation).  Too much exercise can reduce progesterone production during the luteal phase (after ovulation) of the menstrual cycle.  Low levels of progesterone can interfere with a fertilized egg implanting.

For both men and women  long term intense exercise raises the stress hormone adrenaline  which impacts on hormone balance and reduces appetite. Even if you still have your period listen to your body and don’t overtrain!

So remember FERTILITY EXERCISE when trying to conceive (TTC), especially using assisted conception

Avoid saunas and hot tubs

Trampolining, step aerobics and running will increase your risk of ovarian torsion particularly 5-7 days after stimulation.

Aim for a target heart rate of 120-130 bpm from stimulation to one week post transfer

Gentle exercise is considered safe throughout natural fertility and conception.  However,  exercise recommendations should be agreed dependent on your specific needs.  Assisted conception procedures do not recommend any exercise leading up to egg retrieval or on the day of transfer.  Post transfer recommendations depend on your specific protocol.

Muriel Mueller from MuMuYogaMuriel from MuMuYoga is a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher, yoga therapist, pregnancy and fertility yoga teacher and chakra dance teacher. She has been teaching women of all ages and during all stages of their lives for over 15 years.



Justine Evans Founder of Creation FertilityJustine Evans ND, BSc N Med – Fertility Expert & Hormone Alchemist is the Founder of Creation Fertility and its products.  Justine offers a multi dimensional approach to  fertility blending nutritional therapy with alchemy and yogic philosophy. Call 07747 133170 to book an appointment with her now

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