Fertility Consultant

So what is a Fertility Consultant?

A Fertility Consultant is someone who helps you throughout your fertility journey but offers bespoke support by attending hospital appointments with you. Why? Well, in my experience it is not always easy to understand fully what is being said during these appointments.  Whether you are Trying to Conceive (TTC), have a sub or infertility issue or are a prospective parent I have noticed that you often feel overwhelmed and vulnerable during hospital appointments which gets in the way of clarity. Maybe you have been offered exploratory surgery or tests from your GP or hospital but do not really understand what they mean fully or whether they can benefit you.  Perhaps you have undergone an assisted conception procedure(s) which has failed and need support during your follow-up consultation.  You may ask me to attend your appointments to “listen in” and guide you – helping you to understand the reasoning for the tests/surgery, the suggested recommendations offered and whether there are other alternatives that could be considered. In essence my aim is to support you to  make objective decisions towards a positive fertility journey.

Attending hospital appointments are charged at £150 per half day

 £325 for a full day plus travel costs.

Call Justine Evans ND Fertility Expert  07747 133170 to discuss your requirements