February’s Fertility Lifestyle

February’s Fertility Lifestyle 

New moon: 4th February 2019 @ 21:06 GMT

Last month I  invited you to build a fertility lifestyle month by month throughout the year with me.  As explained, at each new moon I provide a  “new moon reading” using the  Creation Fertility Toolkit to help you build a fertility diet and lifestyle easily.  It really is that simple!

The key to this Aquarius new moon is to see things from new perspectives.  As this new moon coincides with the Wheel of the Year and Imbolc (scroll down to the bottom of the page if you need an explanation) I was not surprised when I recognised that this month we are  introducing time for daily silence to support hormone balance; enjoying a meditation ritual to help forgive and connecting with the Ancient Egyptian fertility goddess Tuaret.    

February’s fertility lifestyle cards and video:

February new moon reading

February new moon reading, supporting reproductive health and a healthy lifestyle

Posted by Creation-Healing on Monday, 4 February 2019

Watch the short video or read the information below:

February’s fertility lifestyle plan: Card 1:  Starry silence:

When was the last time you went outside and watched the night stars and sky in silence? The vastness of the night sky and millions of stars and planets  fills me with an infinite feeling of space and wonderment but yet the sky interconnects us all – with nature, continents, and other worlds.  And what about silence?  When was the last time you sat in silence? With silence comes peace.

Physically:  A period of silence daily has a positive effect on physical and emotional well being. Both mental and physical stress cause the release of  stress hormones which in turn produces the release of inflammation-promoting cytokines. The endocrine hormones insulin, prolactin & cortisol all interfere with the production of reproductive hormones.  Did you know that cortisol, oestrogen, and testosterone all share the same precursor hormones? Cortisol suppresses luteinizing hormone & stimulates testosterone production. Blood sugar regulation can also be affected by stress and influence reproductive hormones. High levels of insulin increase the production of androgens (male hormones) in women,  which is often seen in women with PCOS.

To support reproductive health; reduce disrupted sleep,  ease depression, anxiety & obsessive thoughts, reduce blood pressure;  fatigue and cloudy thinking  this month spend some time in silence daily.


February’s fertility lifestyle plan Card 2:  Loving Kindness.

The Loving kindness prayer is both a Buddhist practice and a Hawaiian ritual. They are similar but different. Both forms rely on four magic sentences:  I am sorry, please forgive me.  I love you.  Thank you”.

Let me explain a little more:

Metta loving kindness meditation:  The Buddhist philosophy considers that throughout our lives we long to deeply love ourselves and strengthen our relationship with others. However, human emotions get in the way –  I am sure you will have experienced some of these yourself – fear, self-loathing, blame, guilt, longing, anxiety, trauma; grief, anger, resentment, shame to name but a few. This emotional pain may be directed towards yourself or others but it “blocks” chakras; slowing you down from moving forward in your life and achieving happiness.   This  particular form of loving kindness begins with developing kind thoughts and feelings toward yourself & increases self-esteem. As you develop  over the month you can extend this kindness and forgiveness externally.

The Hawaiian loving kindness Ho’oponopono method is a ritual of forgiveness. The roots reach far back into the past (Atlantis, Lemuria and the high Vedic culture) and belongs to a Hawaiian teaching called the “Huna”.  Hu means knowledge and na  represents wisdom. Ulrich E Dupréee explains that the Huna understand that everything in the world in connected, whether we recognise it or not. Because of this, nothing can happen in our world without creating a resonance in each of us. So, to influence problems in the external worlds we need to heal within ourselves.

This form believes that these 4 sentences operate through time and space, beyond cause and effect and transmit themselves directly to your Inner family, the Higher Self, the Inner child and your waking consciousness.

February’s fertility lifestyle plan Card 3:  Tuaret:  The  MIDWIFE Goddess

This beautiful art work is by Sam Foreman – Creation’s wonderful spiritual artist.   This remarkable Goddess was the original goddess who helped me develop the Creation Fertility Toolkit. Anyway, Tuaret (she is also known as Taueret,Tawret, Taweret,  Ipet, Apet, Opet, Reret; Ririt)  is the Ancient Egyptian patron of childbirth and a protector of women and children.  She is both a ferocious demon as well as protective and nurturing deity (sound familiar to most women I know). Her name literally means “The Great Female”.  Within the Creation Fertility Toolkit she is the Midwife and  we are blessed to draw her this month because she is a very good iomen!

Yes, I agree she does have an unusual body shape! It’s associated with the lion, the crocodile, and the hippo. These animals were all feared by the Egyptians but also highly respected. She has the  paws of a lion, the back of a crocodile and the head and body of a pregnant hippo but still has woman’s hair. She is often seen wearing a short cylindrical headdress topped by two plumes or the horns and solar disk of Hathor, and carrying the “Sa” (representing protection) or the  ankh (representing life, as in this picture).

 Tuaret is :  Goddess of female fertility and sexuality

Protector of working women

Household goddess, revered in the home especially during times of crisis

Goddess of pregnancy and childbirth – her swollen belly was seen as a sign of pregnancy

The wet nurse of the pharaoh.

Tuaret represents re-birth – therefore she helps fertility and new born but also acts as a spiritual midwife who guides the dead into the afterlife.

As the “Lady of Magical Protection” her name was invoked in the prayers for women who wanted a child and in those seeking protection for their young children

Did you know? In Ancient Egypt pregnant women carried amulets depicting Tuaret  for protection. Some even placed her image on cosmetic applicators, jewellery etc or made jugs in the shape of  her with the opening through one of her nipples.  Why? So as fluid flowed it received the protection of the goddess.  Thankfully, I am not asking you to make Tuaret jugs but simply print off her image and place it on your sacred altar this month to connect with her daily.

So now we know all this –  here’s February’s Fertility Lifestyle Plan

To build your fertility lifestyle add these 3 support tools to January’s plan.  Of course, if you don’t resonate with all 3 then choose the ones  you do – it’s up to you!

Daily silence. Find a quiet, peaceful space daily. Why not turn your laptop or TV off early to allow time for silence before bed.  Even 10 minutes per day will help you to develop restful sleep,  a space to quieten  thoughts, calm adrenals to  ease hormone re-balance  and offer a moment of conscious connection.  If you can go outside or look out of your window  to experience the silence and vastness of the night sky which interconnects us all.  Become aware of your breath.  Not forcing it but noticing how the exhalation becomes slower and calmer as you silently sit and find peace.

Loving kindness meditation (daily): Decide on which form of the meditation practice you are wanting to experience and set your intentions.  Ensure you will not be disturbed and light a candle or burn some incense to create a peaceful environment.  Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight.

Close your eyes and become aware of your body. Connect deeply and slowly with your toes, legs, thighs, torso, arms, neck, face and then crown. Inhale calm, relaxing night sky blue light into each area. As you exhale, release all the days stress, tension and frustration with a long and complete exhalation. Repeat this process until you feel  ready.  Now, in your mind’s eye imagine you are hugging yourself.

Repeat the 4 sentences below    

I am sorry

Please forgive me

I love you

Thank you

Repeat the magic sentences to yourself until a feeling of understanding and forgiveness arises.  You can extend it if you wish – imagine facing yourself;  and focus on your reproductive health issue/fertility journey or anything that is currently causing you worry or upset. Repeat the 4 sentences again until you sense comfort from them.  Once you are used to spending time doing this daily then you can extend it further – to the World.  Repeat the sentences to consciously connect sending loving energy to all.
Bring yourself gently back to awareness of the outer world and open your eyes when it feels right.

Here is another example:  Think of your longed for child or, if you prefer, your fertility journey experience or a specific aspect of it.  Visualise the problem but see it outside of yourself (unless you connect it with your sacral chakra; in which case place your hands on this area).  Breathe peacefully and relax.  Now say the 4 sentences.  I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.  Repeat to yourself until a feeling of understanding and forgiveness arises.

Tuaret: (Call the Midwife – daily). Simply print her image and place it on your sacral altar.  I would recommend you buy her print or greeting card from my etsy shop but sorry – I am out of stock at the moment!

Now write down Tuaret’s strengths and attributes and anything else you find  interesting about her.  Highlight the attributes that you would like to connect with – perhaps you would like to feel protected  or you need her support during a time of crisis; perhaps you would like to draw on her energy to complete a project;  or call on her to help with your fertility or pregnancy or simply because you like her!  Each day  spend some time at the end of the meditation practice looking at her or keep her picture and details on your sacred altar and re-read her attributes to consciously connect with her.

If you found this interesting you may be interested in my workshops for 2019 .  

Justine Evans ND – Fertility Expert & Hormone Alchemist is the Founder of Creation Fertility and its products.  Justine offers a multi dimensional approach to  fertility blending Nutritional Therapy with alchemy and yogic philosophy. Call 07747 133170 to book an appointment with her now

*Wheel of the year:  The Celtic people of our land celebrated the earth’s cyclic flow by dividing the year into 8 division to honour seasons, the Earth Mother/Gaia and to maintain community connection.   These old festivals are part of an ancient tradition which follows the seasonal cycle of the changing year and acknowledges & honours our own path within that cycle.  Did you know beneath the manifestation of seasonal change, there is also a change of Earth energy which affects us all?

* Imbolc is the celebration of life force, love and the sacred power of sexuality.  Around Imbolc we use the inner wisdom gained during winter to bring it into the Spring (Imbolc is celebrating new life i.e. Spring).  The spark of intuition and intelligence of consciousness join together to bring about fertility and growth at all levels.  It is a time of awakenings and new beginnings charged with rising energy!  Whooppee

Ref:  The Earths Cycle of celebration – Glennie Kindred

Ho-oponopono – Ulrich E Duprée.

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