Energy Products

Energy Products

I have developed a range of energy products to support all fertility and pregnancy journeys, my  Creation Fertility Toolkits.   All my products complement  Fertility NutritionPregnancy Courses, Reiki and Reflexology .  One of their many advantages is that they are suitable throughout fertility and pregnancy journeys including assisted conception.
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The Creation Fertility Toolkit

Creation Fertility Guidance Cards

Creation Fertility Guidance Cards
Creation Fertility Guidance Cards

Creation Fertility Guidance Cards  –  This unique set of 42 inspirational Creation Fertility Guidance Cards support your fertility journey.  These inspirational cards include nutrition guidance, positive affirmations, connect with lunar energy and Fertility Goddesses whilst the kundalini chants raise vibration, call your baby and maintain your focus.  This pack is designed for personal use but makes an excellent tool for healers and therapists within their practices. Shuffle the cards and fan them face down on a table top.  Close your eyes and select a card, allowing your intuition to guide you.  Make the message on the card your focus for the next seven days. They have been designed to work with the Creation Essence, Wrist Mala ,  crystals and also complement Spagyric remedies.    £11.00 plus  P&P


Aromatherapy for the Yoni - Creation Essence Creation Essence The ultimate Sacral Anointing Energy Essence Oil. 10ml. This  aromatherapy anointing energy essence has been developed with healing love.  It’s intention is to  open the heart to new beginnings and supports you throughout your fertility journey.  Rose: nurtures and opens your heart, Geranium – the ultimate hormone balancer, Jasmine – love and an aphrodisiac, Clary Sage to regulate and support  emotions and hormones,  Frankincense to help you call and connect with the soul of your future child whilst Cedar acts as a harmonizing, calming and grounding essence to maintain stability.  The essence comes with an anointing process and can be used daily.  £11.00 plus P&P

More information including How To Anoint can be found within my blog and Fertility Aromatherapy.


moonstone-carnelian-wrist-beadsCreation Fertility Wrist Mala Bracelet – Exclusive to Creation Fertility  this 21 bead wrist mala is imprinted with healing love and made by hand from the fertility stones carnelian, moonstone and silver to multiply the power of the energy and  mantra intent.  Mala beads are used to count mala recitations and help you to focus.  Wear the mala on your left (receiving) wrist and take off for meditation chant recitation.  Hold in left hand with the beads between your index finger and thumb. Each bead marks one recitation of the mantra or affirmation offered within the Creation Fertility Guidance Cards.  These are perfect to wear for him and her to support your fertility journey and also alongside the Creation Fertility Essence.  Please note that the design and Crystals associated with th Creation Fertility Mala colours may vary from the picture.  Click here for mantra chants  £20.00 plus  P&P


Creation Fertility ToolkitCreation Fertility Toolkit –  Introductory offer of £50 plus P&P.  RRP £56.00.  The complete set!

The  Creation Fertility Toolkit  complements your fertility journey on  an emotional, physical and “energetic” level.  Each toolkit connects with nature and helps you to become baby-ready. The Creation Fertility Toolkit includes 1 pack of 4 Creation Fertility Guidance Cards together with 1 bottle of 10ml Creation Fertility Anointing Essence/Oil, 2 x Shiva Lingam stones,  1 x Mookaite Tumble stone plus the beautiful and exclusive Creation Fertility Wrist Mala Bracelet together with full instructions.  Each set of stones and the wrist mala bracelet vary slightly from the photograph because there are natural variations to stones, colours and sizes.


Spagyric Essences

Are an harmonious blend of  “bio-regulatory energy medicine” which combines  herbal plants, homeopathy, aromatherapy and mineral therapy. They  work on the emotional, physical and energetic  level.  Many people find them invaluable.  Spagyric remedies can be used in a variety of ways  – in water like a tincture – spraying them around your aura or transdermally via bath water or in a cream.
100ml Spagyric Essence
Spagyric Essences: Prepare4Pregnancy

Prepare4P This alchemical blend supports preparing for pregnancy by helping to “open the heart”, whilst supporting the liver during detoxification. The blend encourages a healthy  immune system and encourages the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems to balance, yin/yang and helps to speed up the healing process.

Detoxification – (21st century pollutants, geopathic, electro pollution, petro chemicals, sexually transmitted diseases, tobacco, sugar and caffeine).

I recommend  the remedy is taken for a minimum of 6 weeks followed by TTC.  Begin with 10 -15 drops in water 3 times per day, increasing to 20 drops twice a day in water.  100ml lasts for approximately 6 weeks.  £30 plusP&P


TTC Energetics
Spagyric remedies when trying to conceive

TTCFem: Take 10 drops twice a day in water for the first 2 weeks then increase to 20 drops three times per day when trying to conceive.  Take this remedy for up to 6 months before taking a break or until such time as a positive pregnancy is confirmed.

TTCfem contains a blend of agnus castus, wild yam, St John’s wort, eyebright, yarrow, thuja, chamomile,  juniper, comfrey, lesser periwinkle, propolis, Lady’s Mantle and Cowslip.  This blend continues to receive positive feedback from clients and supports  hormonal balance including after miscarriage and failed assisted conception procedures, after contraceptive use, PCOS , PMT, and has the added bonus of   encouraging a healthy libido. The remedy contains  anti inflammatory and antispasmodic  properties whilst emotionally and metaphysically encouraging you to connect with the Earth Mother within – calming and soothing, strengthening  soul communication between your future child and your self whilst supporting kundalini energy to rise and chakras to open.   This works well alongside Creation Fertility Insight Cards and a fertility programme.  Whilst spagyrics are safe to use alongside assisted conception procedures I would suggest that you stop when the synthetic hormones are  prescribed  to ensure the hospital can manipulate your hormones as much as they wish during the cycle. 100ml £30 plus £2 P&P

I feel different since taking TTC Fem – much calmer and more positive – JS London 2015

TTCMen An alchemical blend supporting you on an emotional physical and unconscious level.  The remedy encourages good sperm health whilst offering strength and fortitude during this period.  Take 10 drops twice a day in water for the first 2 weeks then increase to 15-20 drops three times per day in water until such time as a positive pregnancy is confirmed or for up to 6 months. I recommend you take this alongside nutritional supplements. This remedy has a variety of plant based ingredients including Lesser periwinkle to help  balance the immune system and protect against electro magnetic devices known to affect spermatogenesis health, immunity and hormonal balance. Cardiospermum to encourage sexuality, fertility and fertilisation. Mountain Arnica  to overcome fatigue and encourage confidence Yohimbe and quercus offering strength and acts as an aphrodisiac. Lycopodium to support the liver from stress fast food and cravings for sugar and premature ejaculation. Saw palmetto  for hormone regulation and energetically forgiveness and re on ancestors between man and woman. 100ml £30 plus P&P (lasts approximately 6 weeks).

Buy TTCMen and TTCFem together! 100ml each bottle for only £50 plus P&P. That’s a saving of £10!


Creation Fertility Birthing Toolkit and associated products

Creaion Birthing Kit
Creation Spagric Birthing Kit

Creation Fertility Birthing Kit – Introductory offer of £50 plus P&P. RRP £67.00. Helps prepare emotionally and physically for the birth of your baby, during the birth itself and post birth  to support recovery for both you and your baby!  The Creation Fertility Birthing Kit contains Passage cream (50g), Creation Anointing Essence (10ml) and Creation Birthing Spray (100ml)

PASSAGE:  50ml pot of cream to rub into the belly, around the breast and over the perineum to smooth the progress of the labour and birth. Properties of this wonderful cream include piper (remedy for women), gingko, Echinacea, pilocarus, Aralia and many others  which  collectively and energetically act as an antibacterial remedy, prepares the uterus for delivery and encourages  a smooth journey, manifesting love and promotes lactation. This cream can be used from week 36 of the pregnancy on a daily basis plus during labour and post partum to support recovery. £25.00 plusP&P

Birthing Spray  100ml. This vaporising spray helps you to maintain momentum and strength – from beginning  of labour to the birth of your baby.  This wonderful spray contains antibacterial Neem,  Rosemary to reduce the affect of the birth trauma thus supporting both you and your baby.  In addition to many other plant based ingredients the spray   includes arnica, wormwood and mugwort to encourage focus, determination and to support  labour pain and  encourage a healthy and positive experience.  I recommend you spray it on your body and face as required.£30.00 £2 P&P

Testimonial: April 27th 2015 from ND, Surbiton “I had reflexology with Justine and used the Birthing Kit from week 38 daily.  I had my baby less than 48 hours after my due date and my labour only lasted 2 hours from start to finish”  


To order these products individually or to purchase the Creation Fertility Guidance Kit or Birthing Kit please look here.

Essences are generally taken orally for a set period of time (similar to Bush Flower remedies or herbal tinctures)  but you can also use them as vaporising sprays, add them to the bath or apply topically as a cream.

Whilst there are many  pre-blended essences, Justine Evans ND can also personalise essences. Call Justine on 07747 133170 to find out how Spagyric Energy Essences may be able to help you!

How Are Essences Produced?
Each essence is prepared alchemically in licensed laboratories in Germany and Switzerland.
The preparation process  utilises the elements and energy of the plant  including mineral salts & trace elements, water and essential oils. These are produced in a tiny amount of alcohol, similar to Bach flower remedies and homeopathic tinctures.
There are many different brands  –   I study the Phylak-Spagyrics essences which are made at PHYLAK laboratories (method of Dr Zimpel) in Germany and Switzerland and Heel Remedies.  For more information click Spagyric Energy Remedies