Does your fertility follow the moon?

Does your fertility follow the moon?  Traditionally womens’ menstruation coincides with the “moon cycle”.  If you follow my blogs you may appreciate moon wisdom but if you are new to it here goes:

Many women ovulate at the full moon and “bleed” at the new moon or visa versa.  The week of your “bleed” vitality tends to be  at its lowest, gradually increasing until it reaches its energetic peak around ovulation at the full moon (this is about halfway through your 28 -30 day cycle).  Post ovulation the vitality begins to reduce and there is a  tendency towards quiet and stillness. Just before your menses or the “new moon” you again feel lower vitality. So, does your fertility follow the moon? Is your blod cycle in sync with the moon?

Creation Fertility Guidance Cards InstructionsEarlier this year I began offering fertility  moon readings at the new and full moon using Creation Fertility Guidance Cards.  Up until this point the readings have incorporated 3 cards but this month I am offering a different spread using 4 cards to help you connect with your cycle on an energetic weekly basis.

Does your fertility follow the moon?

The  new moon is forecast to reach its peak at 8.11pm Eastern Time (USA) on Friday September 30 2016 and 1.11am in the early hours of Saturday October 1st here in the United Kingdom. So, where are you in your present cycle?  Is your menses due?

How to work with this new moon reading

I suggest you work with this months reading  from day 1 of your bleed – which for many will coincide with the new moon energy.  (48 hours either side of the new moon).  You can either

focus on the 4 cards as a whole throughout your cycle.  This supports a healthy fertility lifestyle and diet, and encourages you to connect with your blood cycle on both a physical and emotional level.  It also introduces you to this form of holistic support.

Alternatively  you can focus on cyclic energy and work with one card per week.  i.e. the 1st card connects with your bleed, the second the second week of your cycle, the third the third week etc, I am sure you get the picture.  This  connects you with your womb at a deeper level and supports those who are looking to work with energetic womb wisdom.

If you prefer to listen to the  reading here it is otherwise read on!


chemical free creation guidance cardThe first card I have drawn is chemical free.   Have you considered chemical toxicity in your life? By drawing this card at the same time as your moon cycle is due it suggests you consider your current sanitary ware ingredients.  Could they be impacting on your ability to conceive?  To support conception choose organic sanitary ware and,  change your household and skin products to ecofriendly, fertility friendly brands.   Sanitary ware directly impacts  vaginal and fertility health, read more about how it impacts you here.  You can also download The Creation Fertility Guide to Environmental Toxins and Creation Fertility Guide to Skincare to find out more about this important subject.





Trust Creation Fertility Gidance cardThe second card I have pulled is Trust.  What does trust mean to you?  Do you trust your womb and ability to conceive?  Do you trust that a pregancy will unfold when the time is right? I intuit it’s meaning as trusting in your body and divine timing.  This card sugests that you may  be placing unconscious barriers  towards your conceptual ability, or  not trusting your body in its ability to maintain a pregnancy. This is the time to acknowledge what “trust” means to you? Do you trust your reproductive health? Can you recognise your  ovulation and conception window because by drawing this card during the 2nd week of your cycle you may be close to it. Download Creation Fertility Guide To Ovulation and Conception ,  read more about ovulation and conception in my blog ovulation timing or trying to conceive .  Perhaps you simply need to remind yourself to enjoy the journey of procreation and trust that a successful pregnancy will arrive when the time is right – Divine Timing.  Sometimes the harder we strive the more elusive the result!

Our own inner rhythm is attuned to a universal sense of timing. Guided by the rising and setting of the moon, changes in temperature, and our own internal rhythm, we know when it is time to sleep, eat, procreate or be active. While our minds and spirits are free to focus on other pursuits, our breath and our heartbeat are always there to remind us of life’s pulsing rhythm that is our true being.  Pushing ourselves to work beyond natural rhythms diminishes the ability to procreate, renew and recharge. 


protein for fertilityThe 3rd card  reiterates  the importance of nutrition  –“protein for fertility”. Are you eating enough protein to support sperm health, ovulation, fertilisation, conception and pregnancy? This card calls for a fertility diet.  Be mindful of your food intake.  Include a small portion of protein within each meal. Whilst good quality, organic or free range red meat is a good form of protein a variety of protein sources is ideal. Rotate protein and maintain a balanced diet.

Protein sources include eggs, seeds and nuts, sea vegetables, well sourced oily fish, wild game, poultry and dairy products.  Protein contains amino acids which support connective tissue and encourage tissue development.

Download Superfoods for Fertility and Hormone Health and  nourish your fertility.  If you are unsure or have dietary issues then consider a bespoke fertility nutrition programme

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Perspective Creation Fertility guidance cardThe final card for this month is Perspective 

An interesting card to pull for the final week of your cycle when your energies turn inwards and you are close to either menses offering a new cycle towards parenthood or a pregnancy is confirmed.  This card focuses on the importance of a positive mindset. Remain positive and trust in the future.

Do you find the last week of your cycle challenging? Do you suffer with pre-menstrual emotion or menstruation dread? Of course this is to be expected – fertility journeys can feel tedious and for many are emotionally draining. Remember, it is possible to change your view on life at any given time.  You can shift your perspective.

It is time to see the best in your situation, release any self-critism and concentrate on your skills and strengths. Stand in positivity! 

Look for ways to maintain a positive mindset  – energetic remedies during the two week wait can be useful. I have found yoga,   mantra chant and positive affirmation very helpful for many of my clients.  whilst mindful meditation and visualisations also keep life in perspective.  At the bottom of each creation fertility guidance card you will find a manta chant or positive affirmation to support calling your baby and maintaining a positive mindset. The mantra chant for perspective is Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung.

Listen to the beautiful mantra sung by Snatum Kaur here,  Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung.  It means ” I am infinite universal energy”.

Ra : sun energy, Ma= moon energy, Da = earth energy, Sa: infinity, universal energy, Say+ merges with Sa, So= merges with Sa, Hung: the infinite

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