Discounted seasonal treatment

Don’t miss this discounted seasonal treatment, it’s available until March 28th

Support fertility naturally. Release, rest and rejuvenate

Enjoy detoxifying  lymphatic facial massage and a warming hot stones massage whilst rejuvenating in a warming far infrared sauna.  Complete each  hour treatment with a cup of steaming herbal tea. 

Only £300 for 6 treatments

December special offerManual lymphatic massage is a gentle but super powerful form of massage.  It’s particularly useful for hormonal upset but without the agony of fasting or using nutritional supplements. Lymphatic drainage (also known as MLD) boosts immune health, cleanses the body  and seems to reduce the appearance of ageing!  The gentle facial lymphatic massage helps to relieve  sinus congestion, headaches, hormonal skin conditions such as roseacea and acne whilst soothing the face and jaw line, and reducing facial bloating and puffiness. It is perfect alongside the  FREE Spring Hormone DeTox
Relax & Detox in the Cocoon 
The Cocoon SystemTM  far infared  encourages relaxation, cellular rejuvention and detoxification all at the same time. It gently warms the lymphatic tissues , encouraging a deeper and more effective massage.  I have found far infared therapy useful post operative care –  my clinic stats indicate faster healing.  I have also used it as an aid to fertility including womb cleansing, post miscarriage or failed assisted conception and as an aid to conception when used around ovulation.  I also have found it helpful for endometriosis pain and  to reduce fibroids/polyps/cysts when used alongside hormone wellbeing programmes  such as the fertility MOT.

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 Who may benefit from this discounted seasonal treatment offer?

This is perfect alongside the FREE Spring hormone detox  or if you are removing Environmental toxins because it is a brilliant detoxifying treatment. I can help you re-connect with your womb and  become womb positive using fertility meditations and fertility aromatherapy within the course of treatments or perhaps you are  in need of an immune system boost post winter viruses and ‘flu.   Maybe you need to de-stress, rest and relax or calm hormonal breakouts.  Perhaps you suffer with fibrocystic breasts, engorged breasts, poly cystic  ovaries or would like to detox post assisted conception failure or because you are preparing for pregnancy.  Maybe you are looking to support your body  because you are TRYING TO CONCEIVE

Here is some more information about the far infared Cocoon


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Justine Evans ND is the founder of Creation Fertility.  She has been working with natural medicine for about 19 years and refers to herself as a Hormone Alchemist and Fertility Expert.  Justine offers a truly bespoke service providing personalised nutritional therapy  with natural fertility and pregnancy well being programmes.