Date nights & heart meditation

How date nights and heart meditation support conception

I have been thinking about my clients and their fertility journey’s…….. some  pregnancies comes easy, some  just simply needs a  pre-pregnancy cleanse, hormone re-balance  and planning. For other conception proves harder and finally there are the  heart wrencher’s.

So today, as I  am thinking about this, I draw the fertility card LOVE .  How perfect!  Wherever you are on your fertility journey  the importance of self love and date nights are vital!

Date Nights

I am not going to discuss the importance of sex around ovulation here but something else.




So, when you see your partner today consider this.  How often do you take time out to be together? Make a commitment to spend time together……… and here’s how

You will need: envelopes, pen and paper (and probably some money!)

I am not sure about your working schedule of lifestyle  so first consider how many times you can commit to a date.  For some it’s alternative months, others weekly.   Be realistic here – you don’t want to add more stress to your fertility journey.

This is about FUN, LAUGHTER, LOVE AND ENJOYING EACH OTHERS COMPANY.  YOU KNOW – BONDING.  Once you have established quantity now decide on your date nights.  Let me explain how I first planned this – 

It’s Christmas time and instead of giving my husband a stocking full of presents I placed 12 sealed  envelopes with a date inside each of them.  Each envelope had a month on it  or a specific date.  My husband opened an envelope at the beginning of each month for the year.  He totally loved this …………….. (this is also a brilliant anniversary or birthday present or New Year ritual)

The following year we chose to choose 6 date nights each.  I took  responsibility for the even months and Clive the others so we avoided clashing!   The dates we chose were not shared with each other when we planned them.  We just sealed our organised events in envelopes. Vôila!  On the day of the event the envelope  was opened by the person who had not organised the event.  It was brilliant and even more amazing was that we often chose similar events – reminding us how much we liked doing the same things!

The only things we shared were – specific dates to be placed in the diary  when we had organised something that required pre-payment (you know like a workshop, body  treatment or concert/festival)

Agree on costings –  are the dates to be FREE or do you have a budget?

When to do it!  Anytime to want!  Maybe as I have discussed above or  TONIGHT or  perhaps monthly,  – at the New moon, at a new womb cycle or at the beginning of each month.  Just take it in turns to organise something!

I am sure you have plenty of ideas but here are some anyway – a weekend walk in the country, learning to dance or dancing if you already know how, an art class, dinner out  or  cook at home,  a cookery class, yoga or meditation (see below), the cinema, theatre, weekend away, foraging workshop ……….


Heart Meditation: Self – love for YOU 

You could do this alone or as a date night!!

Ensure you will not be disturbed for the next 10 minutes or so. Sit  comfortably  on a chair in a upright but relaxed position.  Breathe in to a slow count of four and out to a slow count of four.  Repeat  8 times.  This will have a deeply calming effect on your heart. 

Now I would like you to think of a place where you feel secure and safe – maybe it is a beach, a wood or a beautiful garden or relaxing room.  Spend a moment to visualise yourself in this safe place.  Feeling comfortable  once more work with your breath – breathing in deeply to the count of four, taking time to notice the gap between the inhalation and the  exhalation.  Breathe out to the count of four. Repeat, inhaling to the count of four,  exhaling –  to the count of four.  

Now place your hand on your heart  and breathe deeply, keeping the mind clear of thoughts and focusing on your hear chakra/chest area.  Notice  how your hand on your heart rises as you inhale and  gently falls  as you exhale. Repeat this breathing technique until you feel ready to return your hand to your lap.  Let your eyes open, returning to the present.  Take a moment to stretch your whole body and take a drink before continuing with your day.   

Fertility Hacks

Do this daily – it will help to balance the endocrine system 

Around ovulation  visualise  that fertilisation or implantation  is taking place  

Use this meditation for a moment of  calm when you feel overwhelmed or anxious, disappointed, under pressure, off balance or just before an important hospital appointment! 

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