Creation Fertility Two Week Wait Kit

Creation Fertility Two Week Wait Kit

During the 2 week wait it is important to remain focused and strong.  The exclusive Creation Fertility Two Week Wait Kit  provides all that is necessary to support you during this difficult period.  We practise what we preach so these products are used within the clinic and during all Signature Treatments

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Creation Fertility Wrist Mala and Mookaite
Creation Fertility Two Week Wait Kit

Creation Fertility Wrist Mala plus a Sliced Moonstone Stone – RRP £29.99 Special Offer Only £24.99 plus £2 p&p.

Beautiful  21 bead wrist mala imprinted with healing love and made by hand from the fertility stones carnelian, moonstone and silver to multiply the power of the energy and  mantra intent.  The kit includes a sliced Mookaite stone which is easy to hold to nurture you during the challenging 2 week wait.

Moonstone: The stone of new beginnings.  Believed to  connect with lunar energy the moonstone is a feminine stone and connects with the reproductive area, easing menstrual related tension whilst soothing and stabilizing feminine energy. Moonstone comes in shades of white, grey, pink, and yellow, sometimes blue, and it has a milky, opaque hue so each mala looks slightly different dependent on the variety of moonstone used.  During the two week wait the moonstone supports through aiding self-care, balance and connecting with your intuitive self and being open to a positive conception.

Carnelian: The stone of the sacral chakra, of warmth and reproduction.  Carnelian is believed to boost fertility and conception, perfect Two Week Wait support stone.  It is considered to stimulate and balances the reproductive systems – uterus, womb, fallopian tubes, cervix, vagina and helps women to value their life making ability. Since Ancient Egypt, it has been valued as a protective but vitalitising stone.

Instructions for wrist mala: Wear the bracelet on your left wrist daily (receiving) and remove it to use it to count the beads as you chant. Chant Om Namah Shiva 21 times daily.


Mookaite CrystalsMookaite : This Australian form of Jaspar comes it has many colours and forms.  It is associated with the base chakra and the Earth Goddesses.  Psychologically it imparts a desire for new experiences and points you towards positivity.  During the Two Week Wait it is an excellent “worry” bead connecting with Pacha Mamma/Gaia nurturing your mind and removing negativity.

Instructions: Place the mookaite under your pillow or carry it around with you during this time.


The Chant: Om Namah Shivay – a demonstration is available 2 week wait mantra chant and below.  More information can also be found at Chanting and Fertility

Om  Nama  Shivaya is the ideal mantra during the challenging Two Week Wait when you are hoping for news of a  positive pregnancy.  The mantra connects with Lord Shiva who is a Hindu Deity and believed to  bless one with the precious gift of true love, stable family life and wonderful children.  Lord Shiva is devoid of ego and arrogances that destroys relationships.  He is simple, kind, protective and giving in nature.  In India unmarried women pray and chant to him for a long, stable and happy married life.

image-learn-to-meditateHow to Chant:

To begin, sit comfortably with a straight back and take a series of long, deep breaths to open and flex your lungs.

Take another breath, and with resonant tones direct your breath outward in the form of the sound Om – (pronounced Au – u -mm.) to begin.  Then

Om  Nama  Shivay

Pronounced  Om    Naa-maa     She-vaay.

Hold the mala in your left hand  and imagine receiving happy family life – love – a family, repeating the chant 21 times.  Now transfer the mala into the right hand and imagine giving happiness with a happy family life – again the repeat the chant 21 times. If you are shy you can chant silently to begin until your confidence improves.

What is Meditation? Meditation shifts consciousness and with consistent daily practice It is believed to help lower brainwave frequency into a state that accelerates healing. It brings what is ‘unconscious’ into consciousness.   Once mastered it’s a skill for life.

Creation Fertility Anointing Essence
Creation Fertility Essence

The Creation Essence

During the Two Week Wait you can still use The Creation Essence  – I recommend anointing only Once Daily during the Two Week Wait.

The Creation Essence  is bespoke to Creation Fertility and contains an alchemical blend of aromatherapy oils to support your fertility journey and is safe to use during the Two Week Wait:

Bergamot: Helps to create a feeling of freshness, joy and energy  and  improves the circulation of the blood. It is believed to stimulate hormonal secretions and supports absorption of nutrients thereby aiding digestion and blood sugar regulation.

Clary Sage: Distilled from the lilac flower tops of a biennial herb.  The names derives fom Latin meaning “good health” and the work Clary means “clear”.  During the Two Week Wait this oil psychologically supports adjustment and change – offering clear intention!

Cedar: Distilled from the cedar tress it is one of the oldest essential oils.  This harmonious wood aroma helps you during the Two Week Wait to focus your attention, to remain in the present whilst helping to calm anxiety and nervous tension during this time.

Geranium: An amazing female tonic and antidepressant with its sweet rose like aroma. Fantastic for the hormonal system and quells fright and anxiety during the Two Week Wait.  Very balancing during this time.

Frankincense: Famous as a birth gift to baby Jesus it has a spicy uplifting energy- a fantastic aid to meditation.  The oil supports “calling in your baby”, remaining open to conception and a positive pregnancy.  In Eastern philosophy it is considered that the soul of a child connects with its parents before a conception takes place.

Jasmine: The aroma is sweet and uplifting and makes a person feel happy! The aromatic effect  stimulates the release of certain hormones in the body which supports female reproductive health and  including serotonin, which results in the boost of energy and the uplifted mood.

Rose: Provides wonderful psychological support- balancing and stabilizing you during this period, the perfume is soothing, nurturing, uplifting, offers love and soothes anxiety and inner tension

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Disclaimer: These products have been produced to support fertility and do not make any claims to do anything other than that.

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