Creation Fertility Essence

Creation Fertility Essence

Aromatherapy for the Yoni - Creation Essence This alchemical essence has been developed to support “new beginnings” and regulate hormonal health.  It works on the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions and is truly “holistic”.   Creation Fertility Essence is an ideal adjunct to your fertility journey as safe to use throughout Preparing for Pregnancy, when Trying to Conceive and  during the birth of your baby. The blend is bespoke to Creation Fertility and manufactured from an organic paraben free aromatherapy company based in England. Each bottle is imprinted with healing energy. The blend contains a bespoke healing alchemical mix of

Rose: Nurtures and offers unconditional love; Geranium: The ultimate hormone balancer; Jasmine: Love and an aphrodisiac; Clary Sage: Regulates hormones and emotions; Frankincense: Connects with your future child; Bergamot: Uplifting essential oil which encourage trust; Cedar: Grounding, calming and harmonising.

Before you buy Creation Essence please read Fertility and Aromatherapy

This wonderful aromatherapy blend complements  Fertility Nutrition programmes, assisted conception programmes and can be combined with complementary therapies, including Fertility Reflexology.  It is also perfect with any of my Creation Fertility Energy Products including Creation Fertility Toolkit,  Spagyric Preparing for Pregnancy and Trying to Conceive remedies in addition to Creation Birthing Toolkit.

The Anointing Process

Creation Fertility EssenceCreation Fertility Guidance Cards suggest that before applying imagine the outcome you wish for in your minds eye.  Now place one drop into the palm of your hand. With your index finger apply the oil to the temple (mind), throat (body) and heart centre chakras (spirit).  Now place your hands in prayer position at your heart centre, bowing your head towards your hands as you inhale to breathe in the beautiful perfume together with your intention of a healthy conception, pregnancy and baby.  In your minds eye imagine that you are drawing this intent into your heart.  As you exhale open your palms upwards and blow the aroma and intention into the ether to manifest.

For more ways to use Creation Essence read Fertility Aromatherapy .  For more fertility support listen to my radio talk on fertility Let’s Talk About Fertility or [wysija_form id=”1″]

Aromatherapy for the Yoni - Creation Essence Creation Fertility Essence is  only £11.99  can be purchased here or buy Creation Fertility Toolkit here




Justine Evans ND, Founder of Creation FertilityJustine Evans ND is a Registered Naturopath, BSc. Nutritional Medicine, Hormone Alchemist and Fertility Expert and Founder of Creation Fertility. Call 07747 133170 for further information