Connect with your womb using creative art

On Saturday I ran a wonderful pop up workshop called “The creative womb” as part of the M Word  exhibition I was invited to take part in.  The  focus of the exhibition connected mental health with  fertility/mothering/menopause/antenatal/puberty/grandparenting/womb concerns/infertility etc.  In this instance my workshop focused explored mindful art and visualisation.   Everyone enjoyed it so much I thought I would share it with you.  It was so interesting to talk with a bunch of lovely people about their experiences of their womb space – some have womb gratitude whilst others have been experiencing a womb warzone.  However they ALL enjoyed this exercise.

Connect with your womb using creative art

womb art template is copyright of Amy Dignam.  Unless you are great at drawing a womb then I suggest you email me for the template  or print off this page.

You will need to prepare yourself first – so here are some ideas.

Be ready to listen to a meditation so get your  chosen audio equipment and prepare your space.  Maybe turn your phone to silent, light a candle, burn some essential oil and take time for relaxation.  You may want some scissors; glue; old magazines to cut out pictures; coloured paper or cardboard. Don’t forget to grab yourself some pens or  crayons/felt tips. Chalks, paintbrushes/watercolours/acrylics or anything else you like to use for  your creativity.

Connect with your womb using creative art

Once you are ready then listen to my meditation and  then free flow with your creative womb experience.


If you  prefer you can print off my Balancing Womb Meditation.  If you do this you will need to read it to yourself  before starting the creative art process.   It uses the infinity symbol which is part of May’s fertility focus.

It is slightly different from the meditation I used on Saturday but uses the balance infinity symbol which ties in with May’s new moon reading.  Also my meditation  suggests you lay down but on Saturday we all sat in chairs as we connected with our wombs!  Enjoy and let me know how you get on!

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