Chanting and Fertility

Chanting and Fertility

Yes, there is a link here!  To support all fertility journeys and hormonal health it is really important to consider mind and body.  Meditation comes in many forms – all of which can support your  fertility journey and your personal wellbeing.  How?  Well it can help you find the still centre, reduce prolactin and stress hormones, help you to see the goodness within yourself, find you core being, quieten the mind and raise kundalini energy – not to mention help you to feel compassionate and relate well to your partner.

Kundalini? What is it?

Kundalini is the energy held in the body, coiled like a serpent, at the base of the spine which when awakened opens chakras and releases blockages.  By raising kundalini energy it is possible to  experience a sense of peace, love and oneness.  There are a number of kundalini chants – one being  SAT KAT TAR.  This wonderful chant supports opening of the heart.

PRONUNCIATION: SAT sounds like “sut”, KAR sounds like “ker”, TAR sounds like “tar”

POSTURE: Sit in easy pose or any comfortable meditation position.

MANTRA: SAT KAR TAR – repeat for 10-20 minutes per day

My new Creation Fertility Guidance Cards (previously referred to as Tuaret Fertility Cards)  are due for publication April. They  utilise Kundalini chants and I strongly advise you to purchase them!  To get you in the mood and to help you experience chanting in a group format I am inviting you to attend the following group practice.
Heart Meditation with Justine Evans

Sunday March 8th 10 am  -11 am

Sunday April 19th  – 10 am -11 am

and Sunday May 10th.  10 am – 11 am


You are welcome to attend one, two or 3 of the group practices – each will be different.

Over the 3 meetings we will be working with Hindu chants and it will be a great way for you to experience the wonderful vibration that you feel when experience this amazing mindful form of chanting meditation.  Even if you are too shy to chant you will still feel the vibration! The practice group I open to everyone, male and female, experienced  to meditation or new to it! Sunday Chant Group @ Heart Twickenham on   8th March, 19th April and 10th May  10am -11 am Usual price £10 each. Heart Twickenham, 67a Holly Road, Twickenham TW1 4HF. We begin with either Bio-dynamic pre-meditation,  or finish with relaxing yoga nidra.  Mantra Chants change per month and are Hindu based.

 Special Offer Especially for you!   50% reduction Special Offer – Pay by February 20th!   £5.00 for your 1st  attendance Or pay for all 3  group meetings via bank transfer for only £15.00

Heart Twickenham is a wonderful centre run by a Yogi, Tuesday McNeil in Twickenham.  If you can’t attend one of the group practices then I have a number of free audio meditations and e-books available to download on my web sites. I am also available for 1-2-1 classes – either at my clinic room or via Skype.  This year I am also offering personalised recorded meditations when you have a 1-2-1 lesson and of course my Creation Fertility Guidance Cards will be available soon!

Call me on 07747 133170 to reserve your place or pay for your class!

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