Building a fertility lifestyle

Building a fertility  lifestyle 

If you follow me on social media – that’s Instagram or facebook you will know that I offer new moon readings using fertility inspiration guidance cards.  The moon cycles every 29 days which enables me to offer you an easy to  build  fertility and lifestyle diet step by step.

I truly believe that  balance in life is key and; for me especially;  setting intentions for the year often results in failure!   Being on a fertility journey is hard enough and so many of you try to be so perfect in the hope of a conceiving a baby.  Well – you know we all need to laugh, love and enjoy life too so this year I recommend building a healthy fertility lifestyle and diet month by month  using the #fertilityinspiration guidance cards and the moon

New moon reading for January 6th 2019

Posted by Creation-Healing on Sunday, 6 January 2019

The cards I drew this month are

Building a fertility  lifestyle. Card 1. Creation essence:   

As soon as I drew this card the importance of being kind to yourself sprung to mind.  It is so important to take every day step by step without judgement.  When I think of essential oils I think beauty, nurture and kindness.  Nature never judges.  So let’s take a leaf out of Mother Nature and not make any big decisions right now – winter is the time for retrospection and reflection.  Winter enables us to slow down,  re-balance; make plans and sow the seeds for bright new beginnings.  This is exactly what Creation Essence is saying now through it’s  magical blend of 7 aromatherapy oils.

Physical: rose essential oil is a calming oil, excellent for the  skin, womb, premenstrual tension, promotes vaginal secretions and helps to regulate the menstrual cycle.  Rose helps men too supporting sexual difficulties and increasing semen (Jasmine does this too).  Geranium is the ultimate hormone balancer helping to relieve fluid retention and the liver. Jasmine:  Hormone balancer  and relaxant aromatherapists use this essential oil to relieve spasms in the uterus and  soothe menstrual pain.  It is  also indicated for men – helping to  increase spermatozoa.  Clary Sage: regulates hormones and emotions: Distilled from lilac flowering tops this beautiful oil properties act as a sedative, aphrodisiac and regulates hormones specifically supporting pre-menstrual tension,  painful periods and emotions.  It is believed to reduce cramps and muscle spasms and reduce insomnia from over-work, headaches and migraines.   Frankincense:  traditionally used to support skin conditions it is often used as an anti cancer treatment.  It has a helpful action on the genito-urinary  tract  and its astringent properties may relieve heavy menses  and act as a tonic to the uterus. Bergamot  has valuable antiseptic properties  supporting the immune system; uterus and urinary tract.

Emotional: Rose: nurtures, unconditional loveLong a symbol of love and purity it helps to open the heart and restore balance and sweetness to the body and soul. Geranium one of the best balancing oils – harmonising, and supports  anxiety, tension, moods and fears.  Jasmine: love and aphrodisiac:  Aromatherapists consider it a valuable remedy for the skin, depression, helps to calm nerves and soothe emotions Clary Sage: regulates hormones and emotions:  This oil is particularly indicated for times of change whether biological or emotional! Frankincense supports intuition and insights through meditation Traditionally used  during meditation frankincense helps release – letting go of over attachment (nostalgia) obsessive thoughts, mental fatigue  and  burn-out.  Bergamot: uplifting, encourages trustIts sedative character is excellent for anxiety, depression and nervous tension. A combined cooling and refreshing quality seem to allay frustration.  Cedar: grounding, calming and harmonizing: A Semitic word meaning the power of spiritual strength and represents a symbol of constant faith. Distilled from the wood of cedar trees, it is one of the oldest essential oils and connects with Mother Earth. Deeply relaxing and calming it offers a woody aroma.  Cedars  properties are believed to help discourage negative thoughts, help focus  attention and support stillness – connecting with Gaia.  BUY CREATION ESSENCE or to find out more about using essential oils please read this

Building a fertility  lifestyle.  2nd Card:  Water:

Could water be affecting your fertility?  It is estimated that there are approximately 60,000 different chemicals  which now contaminate our water supply. So could contaminants be affecting your ability to hydrate?  Or could it be how your drink?  What about medications, caffeine or salt intake?  The human body is made up of 2/3rds  water  (that’s about 70%); so water is essential to maintain health and well being.

Drink  at least 2 litres of pure still filtered tap water  or pure spring water daily. Sip water throughout the day. It should be at room temperature.

 Use glass or  stainless steel containers instead of plastic.

 Consider investing in a water filter.  Either use a filter jug found at most supermarkets or invest in an under sink filter system.  

 Wash all vegetables and fruit in filtered water before consuming

If you are trying to conceive  read the Creation Guide to Thermotherapy for Hormonal Symptoms  and learn how you can use water to support  fertility and detoxification

Emotionally:  Are you holding onto negative energy?  Do you find it hard to let go?  Are you inflexible?   Remember water flows – adapting and moving as it needs to help it move forward!

Or; as a wise colleague of mine once said:

“Life is a river. Instead of clinging on to a rock let go and become part of the water. Find the still point within and live from that point and by doing that your hopes and dreams come closer”.

Building a fertility lifestyle. 3rd card: The Sun:

Physically:  By drawing this card we are linking with one of the  4 most important fertility nutrients – Vitamin D.

Among 40% of women of reproductive age are vitamin D deficient. A recent study found that women with higher vitamin D levels were significantly more likely to produce high quality embryos and achieve pregnancy from IVF compared to women with lower levels of vitamin D.

Make January the month to assess your vitamin D levels. Your GP can provide a test although other  easy to use finger prick vitamin D tests are available.  We also assess in clinic with our Fertility MOT .  So how much vitamin D is needed and in what format?  This will depend on your results but when they present less than 65 ng/ml  I advocate supplementation between 2000 ius to 5000 ius daily- combined with K2 for at least 3 months.

Get outside daily but please leave a part of your body open to the elements to aid vitamin D absorption. So maybe it’s hats off, gloves off or glasses off!

Emotionally:   Interestingly, The sun card also came up in December’s reading.   Emotionally, it links with the solar plexus chakra  also known as the manipura chakra and  “yang”  energy – vitality, focus, warmth, daylight,  fire and determination.    This  card  suggest that you may be lacking enthusiasm and courage.  Become aware of your mind-set.  Here are some reflective questions which you might like to journal to see how you block your manipura energy and help you to rebalance it.

Is my fertility journey ruled by doubt and fear?  How can I transform this into positive energy?

Am I the kind of person who has trouble making decisions?  When I finally decide on a course of action, do I lack the will power to carry it through?

Do I feel the need to be right in every discussion?

Am I emotionally needy?  Why does this present itself and how?

Do I allow other people’s opinions to control my fertility journey?  How can I change this?

If you found this interesting you may be interested in my workshops for 2019 .  

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