Boosting Immune Health and Spagyric Remedies

Boosting Immune Health and Spagyric Remedies

Are you preparing for pregnancy,  trying to conceive or are you already pregnant?  The importance of supporting and boosting your immune health is of utmost importance during this period. As I am an integrative therapist I focus on natural support and health throughout your fertility and pregnancy journey.

How To Boost Your Immunity Over The Winter

I recently was interviewed on Kingston Green Radio  regarding this subject.  If you are able to please listen to the podcast where  Anna Watson of Arnica Natural Immunity and I discussed  this subject. Here is the link  Kingston Green Radio Talk With Justine Evans.

  1. A Positive mindset  – try learning meditation. Keep Calm and Meditate and my audio’s can help you or come to one of my classes.
  2. Include plenty of quality water
  3. Maintain an adequate amount of rest –  knowing your boundaries and maintaining your stress levels, breathing properly together with regular exercise and daylight.
  4. One of the best way to develop a strong and healthy immune system is to eat well. There really is no substitute for good nutrition!  Considering Eastern philosophy we need  to clean or colon out during this time of year.  For more information on the Eastern approach read my Autumn Newsletter .  Through eating a good diet containing lean protein, a rainbow of brightly coloured vegetables  including fresh sprouts for antioxidants and fibre  it is possible to improve your immunity wherever you are in your fertility journey.
  5. Eat the Seasons. I have offered some tips on seasonal products below  but download my handout Justine’s Top Ten Tips for Immunity for more support and also look at my Recipes for Immunity and Boost Your Immunity Naturally for more ideas.
  • Root vegetables –  carrots and sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A; have them steamed or baked with a sprinkle of olive oil, lemon juice and herbs or juice them.
  • A handful of almonds can provide almost half of your daily recommended amount of vitamin E which supports the immune system through the winter months. Soak them overnight to ease nutrient absorption.
  • Mushrooms in various forms contain selenium, and B vitamins riboflavin and niacin, which are all known to play a role in a healthy immune system. Unless you suffer from a fungal issue you can eat them raw or lightly  sauté with garlic cloves and coconut oil for breakfast or as an accompaniment to a main meal.
  • Onions & garlic have several antioxidants that help the immune system battle against seasonal viral invaders.  – See how to use and eat them through downloading these  Recipes and Home Remedies to Boost Immunity.
  • High fat foods, sugar, caffeine, recreational drugs and alcohol can suppress the immune system, and clog up the lymphatic system so limit your consumption to give your body a break and remember to dry skin brush daily – here’s how  Creation Guide to Dry Skin Brushing.
  • And if you are into healing clearing Stagnant Space then I am running a day workshop in Hampton Hill  on Monday December 10th Clearing Stagnant Energy Workshop .

Include a Spagyric Remedy

  • A great way to boost your immune health and support your fertility journey from an esoteric perspective is to include a Spagyric Remedy.
  • So what is a Spagyric Remedy?

  •   Spagyric Remedies are Energy Remedies.  One of their many benefits is that they are safe to use throughout  all fertility and pregnancy journey’s.  They are considered alchemical – meaning they are a blend of bioregulatory medicine, flower remedies and herbals but are made in such a way that there are no contra-indications.   Personally, I am particularly fond of them because they work on the emotional, physical and spiritual aspect – not all aspects of  ill health are connected with the physical.  Often you become ill due to an emotional or meta-physical reason – such as being run down, hurt, angry, feel betrayed etc.
  • Each year the immune regulating remedies are adapted to suit the present viral and bacteria related health issues.  In my opinion I have found Spagyric remedies to offer perfect immune boosting remedies  to help protect you  and all the family during the winter months.  This year the remedy is called PS117.1 and it has 3 additional ingredients – Vinca,  Rhus Tox and Juniperus.
  • Rhus- Tox – a great anti-inflammatory remedy for skin, mucous membranes and acute rheumatic or joint pains.  It is a great support for ear, nose and throat issues.
  • Juniperus  is an anti-infections essence, particularly helpful for chest and lung infections and the respiratory tract. It also supports the lymphatic system, the all important liver and digestive organs.
  • Vinca – the Lesser Periwinkle.  The word Vinca comes from the Latin Vincere and means to overcome, to vanquish! Its two principle points of impact are the dysfunction of the immune system  and autoimmune infections.
  • Spagyric remedies can be used in a variety of ways  – taking them in water like a tincture – spraying them around you and also transdermally  this can be in bath water or in a cream.

 If you are interested in learning more about Spagyric Remedies or want to buy one  please call me on 07747 133170!